Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Yalla!

Yalla! FantastyKheema arrived about 3:40 AM on June 14th, 2009 and this time Lisa (my neighbor) and I were fortunate enough to witness the entire birthing process, following a week of sleeping in the barn. See here for our adventures and pictures. Also, has an excellent write up and pictures of the events leading up to and following her birth, as well. see here.

She has now matured to a solid four year old and is saddled and ready to go. (I know, the saddle pad is waaaay too long for her short back.) I've only managed a half dozen rides or so, and many of them were bareback, but she is coming along nicely. She has a lot of attitude but she's smart and quick to learn...and quick on her feet too!

As with Scout, however, she didn't grow as tall as I'd hoped.  Actually, this picture is from last year. I was certain I had more recent ones. I can't find any right now so I'll just have to take some this afternoon when the sun is better.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my beautiful little fireball with a brain, Yalla!
Let's go!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Scout!

It was around 4:30 in the morning on June 13, 1995, still dark outside, and I couldn't sleep.  I had heard Beighley pacing around in her pen much of the previous night and was anxious to see if her surprise had been delivered. I went outside and in the predawn light I saw a long shooting star go across the sky. I thought, 'that's a good sign.'

As I neared Beighley's pen, I could just make out a little shape at her side. The little fella was dry and running around her when I went over to them. I thought to myself, 'what a gorgeous blanket!' I saw a red foal with a perfect white blanket, big white blaze, and white stockings. Then I noticed more white on the belly and neck. Oh my, that's a colorful horse!

I love his unique coloring, although he is certainly not registerable in any breed. And he never grew very big, topping barely 14.2 on his best days.

He's goofy and loveable and he's the token "boy" in the barn.

Happy Birthday, my boy, Scout!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Robin Gates needs our help!

One of my greatest fears has been realized... but not by me.

Robin Gates, a Liberty Horse Trainer, has been severely kicked by her horse and is in dire need of our prayers.

From her website:
On the evening of June 4th 2013, Robin Gates (Liberty Horse Training) was severely kicked in the face by her horse (Red). She was found unconscious in the paddock and rushed to the nearest hospital. She was then immediately airlifted to Stanford Medical Center where she remains in treatment. 

Robin sustained multiple facial fractures, a broken shoulder and a few broken ribs. Luckily she has no neurological or brain damage. Today (Monday, June 10th) she will undergo facial reconstructive surgery. If all goes well, she will be released from the hospital in a few weeks and begin what is expected to be a 6 month journey to a full recovery.

Robin is in remarkably good spirits and still has her sense of humor intact. She is an amazing example to us all.

Now for the bad news . . . at the time of the accident, Robin was not covered by Health Insurance. The cost of her medical transport, care, surgery and rehabilitation is yet unknown, but estimated to be well over $100,000. Robin and her husband Neil need our help. Calling all angels . . . we need your donations (none too small) to support this dynamic teacher of life, love and wisdom who has touched us all so deeply and in so many different ways.

We will keep you updated on Robin's progress here so check back often. Please leave your comments, blessings, insights and inspirations for she will be reading them and feeling your support.

With Gratitude and Love ~ Suzen Dyslin

Here is a link to her website for donations. I'm sure anything would help.

As I grow older, and since my broken ankle, I feel more vulnerable than I ever used to. I feel awful about this happening to her. It is such a risk when we own horses, isn't it? Does anyone else feel that way?