Friday, February 6, 2009

Pour me out another phone

Yesterday was one of those days where bad things happen and you know that it can only get worse.

First, I had to take my tax preparation certification test. It was hard! And to think that I'm just volunteering! Well, I got my results back right away. I got 250 out of 300 points. I thought to myself, "Oh no, I flunked!! You have to score 280 to pass." So I dawdled around. Why bother going to the volunteer center when you're not even good enough?

I finally got in my car and drove to town. As I was driving through the canyon. I figured I'd call the zoo about the volunteering position again. I need to volunteer 30 hours so I can pass my Biology class. I could only leave another message. sigh! When I finished the call I dropped the phone, as I always do, down in my lap, until I could put it away.

Uh oh!!

I was drinking coffee while I was driving and had about an inch left in the cup. I had the cup in between my legs. The phone plopped right down into the coffee cup and the inch of coffee. I quickly fished it out and coffee dripped from the number pad. Oh no! I kept dabbing at it to dry it. The phone was still on but then the screen said, need sim card. It went to a black screen. I pulled off the back and took out the battery pack and the sim card. I dried them off and kept draining out the number pad. The top part of the battery didn't get wet so I could only hope that it didn't short out. I wrapped the battery and the sim card in a napkin and set the phone case down at an angle, hoping it would dry out. All this was done while I was driving. You can do an awful lot at stoplights. (I once crocheted a sweater at stoplights! Really!)

When I got to school I drove around and around looking for a parking place that was not two miles away. It's like a game of chance, getting a good place to park. You have to be in just the right time and place and have luck on your side. I think "the Secret" a lot when I'm looking for places to park. Finally I found one! It does work a lot of the time.

Since I was having such a BAD day, I figured I had better change my luck. So, I began to think "the Secret."

When I got to the TaxHelp center and told her about my score she laughed and said that 240 was the lowest score you could get. We looked over my test and I had missed one question about inherited stocks always being long term regardless of when you acquire them. This caused me to miss 4 others. I missed a couple of other questions too. So, she asked me if I wanted to start. I said yes, I had a class in an hour but that I could probably do one.

The first person had been married last May and his wife was in another country. Unfortunately, I could not help him. We sent him down to the IRS office. Wow! That's starting off well, isn't it?

I was able to do the next return though. By the time I finished and had it checked over (there were issues with disability pay) it was 11:30 and my class was starting.

Fortunately, my class was just around the corner in the same building. The teacher hadn't taken attendance yet, so I wasn't even counted late! How's that for good luck?

After class, I went back to my car to check on my soggy phone. I put it all back to together and said a little prayer. I had visions of having to buy a new phone and losing all my phone directory.
It turned on okay and everything was good. Thank you, Lord! It's a good thing that New Mexico is so dry! It completely dried out in the warm car.

To celebrate, I went to McDees and bought a green chili double cheeseburger and a coke. I sat down at a booth, inside, and copied all my contacts and their phone numbers into my little notepad. Not going to lose those!

Then I called the zoo back and she told me to come on down in the morning for training. Yay!!

I changed my luck!!

Pour me out another phone - song: Drive In Saturday, artist: David Bowie, album: Aladdin Sane


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bad start.....good ending!
I'm glad the Secret worked well for you!

How fun to volunteer at the zoo. Years ago I took the volunteer training class and then worked as a volunteer docent for about a year. It was so much fun.


cdncowgirl said...

That says a lot for the power of positive thinking!
My friend always teases me that I would be lost without my phone. It has all my phone #s of course but I always use the calendar to put in my appointments as well.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

lesson learned- write down all of your contacts and phone numbers if you haven't already. Then, if your phone breaks or gets lost, you won't lose the phone numbers.

Melanie said...

Funny how positive thoughts can change a bad day, isn't it???

You had to just be so down, and them things suddenly looked up for you. :)

I hate trying to find parking at my school too. I pay for a commuter sticker, so I can park in the designated lots, but they are almost always full!!! get's really!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Heck dropping your phone in coffee isn't half could be try the toliet! That's where I dropped mine. LOL

Glad your day turned around.

The Wades said...

I loved hearing your change in attitude helping your "luck".

I should take a note from your book and copy down all my contacts. Now to make myself do it...