Tuesday, December 22, 2009

they look so good together

These pictures were taken on Saturday before I began the weaning process so I guess they are the last of the mare and foal photos. It was great watching them run together.

Here's Yalla with all four feet off the ground. And then I got Annie also with all four feet in the air.
I managed to catch Yalla on one hoof
and then Annie too. However, I think Annie gets the prize for the best balanced. Just look at her leaning into that curve! Yalla wins for high headedness!

I can only hope she inherits her mother's dynamic trot!

In case you were wondering, Scout and Nadia did run, but they mostly preferred to stand and watch.

They look so good together - song: Here comes the night, artist: David Bowie covering Them, album: Pinups


cdncowgirl said...

Wow you can sure see from the photos how much "little" Yalla has grown!

In the not so distant future you can post "Mother & Daughter" photos instead of mare & foal :)

Tammy said...

Great pictures!

I'll let you now when we get our CO or WY plans figured out. We tentatively are planning Memorial Day & the week following. My friend who is going with us is a nurse and had to have vacation time scheduled already. Our concern is snow that time of year, but we have some leads on on some rangers in the area.

Laughing at conditioning... when we went to Black Hills 2 yrs ago, McCain was going to take our young black colt. He was in pretty good shape & young. The kids, of course, put no time on their horses so I was trying to get them all in shape. I never did like that colt & he about lost me when I was conditioning him. So I told McCain that he either conditions or Blue makes the trip. Well, he hee-hawed around & meanwhile, I started conditioning Blue. I probably had about 12 hours on him before we left, but he did fine. He looked so good because he had lost some weight.

Sydney said...

By the looks of the pictures shes got her mama's trot.

fernvalley01 said...

WHAt a lovely pair! Annie is a gorgeous mare and Yalla is following nicely in her footsteps

Kate said...

They are cute! How did the weaning go?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Very cute pictures of their last run together for a while. Love Annie's trot and Yalla is just too cute.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Mrs Mom said...


Great pix-- the horses look awesome. Can't believe how much Yalla has grown already. It must make your heart sing to watch her play!! Thanks for taking us along on her journey!

Andrea said...

What fantastic trots they both have!! Very nice pictures of them too!! I can't believe how BIG Yalla has gotten!! She is so cute! I bet she is going to be a fantastic mover like her momma!!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!! :)