Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Stills (5-20-12 The Color Pink)

This week's challenge is to photograph the color pink:

I immediately thought of my header photo, a pastel New Mexico sunrise.

Daffney wears a pink collar. And she has pink skin under the white hair.

Annie has a pink nose.

I put these pink rhythm beads on Yalla! the other night when Nadia had her gorge-fest but it's a terrible photo. I meant to put them on her in the daylight and take some more photos but I forgot, so you're stuck with this picture.
Yalla! can still wear her pink yearling sized halter. It stands out on her black head, doesn't it? Note, I put it on the last hole so there is even some growing room, although I don't think her head is going to grow any more.
 I saw these quilts in the window of a quilt shop. Pretty, aren't they?

 Earlier this month, my daughter and I saw Styx in concert. It's really amazing how he's playing the keyboards backyards!

 Here's the whole band, all six members, on stage together. They had some really neat visuals behind them while they played and they played GOOD! We had a great time that night, my daughter and I.

Of course, when one thinks of pink, they often think of flowers.

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Shirley said...

Plenty of pink at your place! Yalla! sure is a beauty. I like the quilts, the one with the kitties is really cute.

Dreaming said...

You sure did find lots of unusual places!

Janice said...

great choices but my faves have to be favorit band, how nice for them to light up in pink....couldn't be more perfect.

Eva said...

Lots of fun pinks. Great take on the challenge.

Ed said...

Excellent shots, Styx rocks!!:-)

Anonymous said...

wow, the sky is picture perfect, amazing shot :)

Terry and Linda said...

You picked some really neat you say...lots of pink in your world!


achieve1dream said...

He can play the keyboard backwards??? That is soooo cool!!

Great shots! Yalla is sooo pretty. I noticed in your mother/daughter comparison post that she has such a tiny, adorable head. That's amazing that she still fits in her yearling halter. :)