Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Red like Jungle Burning Bright

New Mexico and Colorado forests are burning!

  • The High Park Fire near Ft. Collins has killed one lady and destroyed over 100 structures and 43,000 acres.
  • Little Bear Fire in south central New Mexico, outside of Ruidoso, has destroyed 37,000 acres and 224 homes and 10 structures. This is the area where Smokey the Bear was found years ago.
  • And finally, the Whitewater Baldy Complex Fire where 278,000 acres have burned in the Gila Wilderness Area in southwestern New Mexico. This is the largest forest fire in New Mexico state history.
These fires are only about 30% contained. Thousands of brave men and women are working at the fire sites. Forest Fires often create their own weather and rough terrain makes access to the fires difficult. Although they say fires are good for the forests, these fires are bad for the atmosphere.
We can see the smoke in the air, hazy gray skies intermixed with our typical blue skies. Allergies and respiratory issues are rampant. I cough and cough all day long. I can only imagine what it's like down on the fire lines with the intense heat and dense smoke. Let's hope and pray they can get these fires under control soon.

On the flip side, sometimes, we get to see an awesome red sun and moon. Here is the moon one night.

Red like Jungle Burning Bright - artist: David Bowie, albm: Cat People (Putting out Fire)


Shirley said...

I feel for those people who are affected by this. Wish I could send you some of our wet weather.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters live in Fort Collins and can see the smoke from that fire.

I have a great admiration for the men and women who fight these fires.


Dreaming said...

The CO Governor has declared the fire a disaster area and 20 M has been put towards fighting it. They have already spent close to 2 M. What a tragedy; for folks living there, for folks fighting it, for tax payers, for air quality, for displaced animals, and on and on and on.
I hope they get it contained and can stop the loss of homes

achieve1dream said...

Whoa! That moon is totally awesome!!! I hope the fires are out and everyone is okay....