Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Foto

Driving through the backroads of Colorado, outside of Denver, I came across a giant adirondack chair in an open field. I mean GIANT! Look closely and notice the normal size chair in front of it. Here's more about it if you're interested.

Happy Friday! :)


juliette said...

Love this! I can't wait to read about it - I am a serious lover of these chairs. We have multiple sets around the farm - not this big however!!!

Also - love the banner photo in just the halter on sweet (?) Yalla!

And, been meaning to tell you that our Maizie...teenager - 15 now - is crazy into Bowie! I think of you all the time as she rattles off obscure lyrics at the dinner table.

Dan and Betty said...

That's neat. Always fun what you can find on back roads.


achieve1dream said...

Whoa! That thing is enormous. So cool!

How are the critters doing? I miss reading updates on them, but I understand if you are busy.

Jo Castillo said...

I wonder if this is like another I saw. The ordinances did not permit building a shade for the horses, but no ordinance against building a table and chairs, so they built giant table and chairs! Fun to see. Thanks.