Saturday, January 30, 2010

I could do with the money

Sometimes it's not worth winning the lottery.

I came across these headlines today: Body of missing lottery winner found. Look here to read about a Florida $30 million winner who was murdered and buried under a concrete slab in the backyard of his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend's home earlier this year. His family and friends had been hoping he was on a beach in the Caribbean.

Yesterday, I read this story, about a 47 year old woman who, after winning $8,000 in a game show, went to celebrate in a bar. She was hit and killed walking away from the bar.

That got me thinking...

I've read that it often changes people's lives, for the worst, most often. Usually, million dollar winners are rich for a time and then lose it all and revert right back to where they started, sometimes even worse off than before. This article tells about how many winners became losers.

Me, if I won lots of money, I would go on an extended cruise around the world with my sister. That's the deal, if either of us win. I would probably go ahead and include some other family members too. (I have a relatively small family. Of course, it gets lots bigger when money is involved!) This would give me time to think about my future and what to do with the money without any temptations.

Then, I would look for a good investor and put most of the money away so that I could have long term income. I would probably get a new ranch, a small one, or just really fix up the one I have. I would most likely quit working full time and then take up some kind of part-time work, or do volunteer work. I would not go out and buy expensive cars and lavish gifts.

The only thing that might tempt me is horses. I would possibly buy a pureblood Friesian or Andalusian. I might want to pursue a racing or show career with Yalla!. I would love to learn how to work cattle.

Actually, I would prefer to keep the money as secret as possible, however, with today's media coverage, that's just not possible. A million or two wouldn't change my life much at all, really.

What would you do if you won?

I could do with the Money - song: Rock n Roll Star, artist: David Bowie, album: TRAFOZSATSFM


Dunappy said...

First and foremost I want a new house. I want an Earthship home.

I want one with a full basement and in the basement, I want a "Canning Kitchen" basically a lot of counter space, a good sink and a 6 burner stove top, but no oven, and Then I want a root cellar and a walk in pantry to hold the canned goods. I want a lot more storage space then I have now.
And I want the solar panels and Wind turbines.

Then I want a horse barn. I want my horses to have a full horse barn not just the sheds and shelters they have now. And I want to totally replace ALL the fencing on the property to pipe fencing since that will be strong enough to hold the monster and safe enough for the rest.

Then I want to re-do the chicken pens so that I can separate chickens by breed and I want an attached butcher shed so I can have a good indoor place to slaughter and process my own poultry.

Then I want a green house and expanded out door gardens. Raised beds and add more fruit trees to the orchard.

After that I need a new truck 3/4 ton or 1 ton horse hauling machine, and a new horse trailer minimum of 3 horse slant load with small living quarters. And finally we need a flat bed trailer to haul hay.
That is really all I want and or need.

Any left over money would be used to buy more land and to find an excellent quality Dun colored Appaloosa stallion to go along with my dun colored Appaloosa mares.

If I had the money, that is my wish list.

Susan said...

If a received a large sum of cash I would learn how to say "no" in a loud, assertive voice. Then I would donate some to people who didn't come begging.

Breathe said...

I'd put myself on a budget, first, to avoid filling up my life with things that aren't real priorities. We'd get that 20 acres with 10% of proceeds, use another 10% to pay off debts of our own and that of our immediate family.

Then we'd take 10% to work on two projects - a dog rescue foundation along the lines of best friends and my story collection business idea (it's low cost but a full time project).

Everything else would get put in the credit union and in some long term investments (probably some rental property) to provide enough for us to get by.

It's actually the plan now. Money would just accelerate it.

Gail said...

First, I would put money in a trust for my grandchildren.

I would pay all bills and owe nothing.

Gift some to daughters and sisters and sisters-in-laws.

Build a barn, for cows and horses.

Pay to have someone fence the whole farm with cross fencing and pasture managemnent in mind.


Sydney said...

I wouldn't want to win honestly. I am a very giving person but when people come a begging that is when I draw the line.
I would buy a nice horse farm someplace with large pastures, a few acres of bush and build myself a nice little barn and cozy house. Then I would invest the rest of the money or donate it to a charity.
But in all honesty I could live the rest of my life without winning the big $$$ and not regret spending the little $$$ on the ticket.

Shirley said...

I would give most of it away; to family, friends, and charities. My needs are few; a simple place to live on a few acres with a good barn and a shop for my husband.

achieve1dream said...

I don't think I'd want to win. I'd be scared constantly for my life. But if I did win I would pay off all of my debt and my immediate family's debt. Then I would move back to my hometown and buy a place with acreage, custom build a house and barns (for horses, chickens and goats). I would buy a new truck and trailer (probably a stock trailer or a three horse slant load). Then I'd probably buy a purebred Friesian gelding/stallion and also whatever horse my husband wants. Then I would invest the rest of it.

achieve1dream said...

Oh and I forgot. I would also start my own dog park/dog obedience school! Something I've always wanted to do because my area is behind the times when it comes to dogs. I'd be able to spread the word about clicker training and provide a safe place for people to socialize and let their dogs exercise off leash.

The Wades said...

No clue. I, also, don't think I'd have many lavish dreams. Are we all just saying this? I don't think so. I'm sure I'd so some initial small splurges--stuff for our house, etc. But, I honestly feel I'd give a lot away to family and friends. It seems so fun to help others like that.

I'll let you know when I win. Hopefully you won't be reading about my body buried somewhere. Yuck!