Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where's Waldo part two

We never found Waldo
But we did find Waldo!
We continued up the road into the town of Los Cerrillos. This was an interesting old bridge.
Famous for mining, especially turquoise, the area has been continuously populated for over 1500 years, beginning with Native Americans, then Spaniards, miners, etc. In the 1800s, it was a booming mining town, with 3,000 prospectors working the area hills and 21 saloons, five brothels, four hotels, and several newspapers. This living ghost town was once even considered for capitol of New Mexico!

This house was the first sign of civilization. Notice the bright pink windows and the red door frame. lol. It's a nice new house though.

Cerrillos is a quiet little town.

Look at this doorway, or rather, entrance, since it's not attached to any building!
The What Not Shop has been featured in many movies filmed here.

There are many historic buildings here. At first glance, the town appears rundown but I try to see beyond the deterioration.

There are also a few nice, new homes here.
These gates open into a private courtyard with the home behind.

Even the poorest looking houses have necessary amenities.

This Padre was made from a tree. Isn't he neat?
You can see the Padre in the lower left corner.
Next stop, Santa Fe...


Grey Horse Matters said...

I love old towns like this. You're lucky to be able to have these historic places by you.
Have fun in Santa Fe.

Ed said...

Now thats a cool town..:-)

Sydney said...

That so fun. I wish there were interesting places like that near me. Ontario is pretty dull unless you go up north or to niagra falls. Unless you like cities of course.

lytha said...

what an incredibly different view on america you share! i have never been to a place like that.

i cannot speak of my home country in general, i can only speak about the cities i've been to. and there is so much i haven't seen. but when people say "why do so many americans not have passports" i say, "you have no idea how vast america is."

so much to see. i'm dying to see all 50!


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. Cerrilos is one of my favorite little towns. There's a great riding stable there, Broken Saddle, that specializes in gaited horses -- Tennessee Walkers and Missouri Fox Trotters.

That's where we first rode a gaited horse that led us to our Icelandic Horse and Rocky Mountain Horse we have today.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Awesome photographs. I've been reading "Half Broke Horses" on my Kindle, which takes place in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. These pictures tie in nicely with the story.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Grey horse, Ed- Yes, it's fun to read about the history of places and then visit them.

Sydney- Niagara Falls! I just managed to see it a couple of years ago.

Lytha- a couple of years ago, we took my Mom through the last four of the fifty states for her. I'm getting there. I have yet to see New England, a few north central states like Connecticut and Massachusetts, and Alaska.

Dan and Betty- I often see the horses from there when I am hiking around in the Cerrillos hills.

Nuz Muz- do they mention the penitentary and the inmates horse breaking program? They no longer do it but the pie shaped pens are still there.

Breathe said...

I love all the towns along the turquoise trail. The church with that beautiful sky behind it is just incredible.

Jo Castillo said...

Love the photos and memories. NM is so special. We lack only Alaska to see the fifty. You are doing well.

Sydney said...

Val can you cake a picture of that celtic horse hair knot please!? I have never seen one and googled it and still can't find it.
If you want a horse hair item made Lisa is going to send me Rojo's hair in the mail soon if you get a hold of her I can make you something and send it back free postage. Since you are neighbors I'll just sent it at once.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I found a picture of the celtic horse hair knot fob here. I will try to take a better one.