Friday, February 26, 2010

Scottsdale 2010 road trip, part 3

We got to Phoenix Friday afternoon and found our hotel. We checked in, settled the dogs and headed out to Scottsdale for the horse show. The last Friday night of the show is free admission so we drove straight over, knowing that it would be crowded.

I've been bugging my Mom to get a handicap pass because she has trouble walking and she finally did so we got to park right up front by the entrance. Yay! However, it was so crowded inside the arena that we had to go all the way over to the far side because she can't climb bleachers. She walks with a walker so the three of us 'walked' all the way around using the ramp to go up and around and pushing her when we could. What was nice about the far side was the bleacher seats had backs on them and it wasn't nearly as crowded as the first side.

We managed to sit down just as the first class started, pleasure driving.
Then we saw Show Hack. I was happy to see this class because they ask for ALL gaits from the collected walk to the hand gallop. I don't think there is any other class that asks for a collected canter and then an extended trot, etc.
The horses and riders were impeccably turned out. I love the cutaway jackets and hats, very formal. It's amazing how tight they can braid those horses full manes down, isn't it? Arabian horses manes and tails are never trimmed except for a long bridle path.
The judges stand was all decorated with pretty plants and flowers and had comfy leather couches and lots of computers. All the ladies wore formal dresses and the men wore suits.Next class in was the Sweepstakes Yearling Halter, Colts and Geldings. These were the Top Ten finalists. The winner got $56,000. Second place was $28,000 and the other 8 horses each took home $9,000. Not too bad, huh!
Look at his long legs!!!

I really like this photo because it shows that horse's legs at this age are a gangly mess like Yalla!s I sometimes worry about her because her front feet point out and her hocks turn in. Then we saw English Pleasure.
Without fail, a horse throws a shoe and a time out is called. The farriers hustle into the arena and attach the thrown shoe to the hoof, usually with duct tape.
They must work fast because the time out is charged against the rider.
The class resumed and again the horse threw it's shoe. This must have been a very expensive class for her because the exhibitor gets the bill after the class.

This rider was accepting an award. Isn't the backdrop pretty?
I always love seeing the Ladies Sidesaddle class. This was the English one. They also have a ladies western sidesaddle class.

The next class up is the Park class. These are highly spirited, high action English horses. The judge asks for a walk, regular trot, strong trot and canter. The crowd yells as their favorite horses go by especially at the strong or park trot. Please excuse the blur, it was hard getting the horses in action in the indoor arena.
Again, a horse threw a shoe.

Sorry for all the fuzzy photos. I do not confess to be a good photographer. Hopefully, you'll enjoy them anyway.

to be continued...


Sydney said...

That one youngster has the most awkward legs I have ever seen on a young horse. They just don't fit an arab body.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That first yearling has outrageously long legs. That is going to be one tall horse. I'm kind of glad that I didn't try to bring my mother, because she just found out that her osteoporosis is dangerously advanced. One wrong step and she'll break another bone... or the bone will disintegrate is more like it. It's happened once before. I missed sidesaddle at this show.

Paint Girl said...

Believe it or not, a lot of the Arabs have really bad conformation, as long as they can move and look good is all that matters (in the pleasure classes), that is what I have learned anyways!!
Great photos, I hope you got some pictures of Saturday nights classes!! I would love to see some pix of the classes that night! Unfortunately I could not take my camera everywhere with me!!

The Wades said...

You're making me crave horse shows. That all looks so fascinating, and so advanced from the shows at the fair.