Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Better Future, part 2

Tonight, as I drove up to my house, "dog" must have heard the car. She came running up to meet me. Sweet! I gave her a few pats and we walked up to the door together. Then Einstein ran outside and over to her as I opened the door. I grabbed him by the collar and then reached out to pet her and she flinched like I was going to hit her. Poor baby!

When I walk the little 'inside' dogs, she comes along too. Then she stands beside me while they wander around in the grass. She is getting better with Buddha and not growling so much anymore. Einstein bugs her because he's still a puppy, but she doesn't seem to mind. I think she really wants to come inside. Probably will, in a few days...Right now, with all the visiting doggie guests- Tobey and Einstein, it's kind of bedlam. It's funny, all summer, it was just me, Buddha, and the cats, Terra and Simba. Nowadays, since summer camp has ended, the house is always full of people coming and going: my two sons, my older son's girlfriend, my younger son's bandmate, my daughter, and my mother, who came in last weekend for her birthday and is on her way to my sister's house, and a cruise.

"Dog" has such a thick topcoat of wirey hair and an undercoat too. I don't think a bath is going to do much. She looks pretty waterproof. I think she needs to go to a groomer for some coat thinning.

We have been tossing around names for the stray dog. So far, it's been:
Charm, Charmed, Lucky Charm or L.C. for short, get it, Elsie?, Kharma, Gladys, and Evelynn. Last night we kind of settled on Alberta, to go with Einstein, my daughter's 'other' dog. Tonight, we are considering Sandy or Sandra Dee from Little Orphan Annie.

What do you think?

I checked the classified ads again tonight. We will probably take her to the vet for a check up and shots in a few days if we still have her.


cd0103 said...

Oh, I like Sandy. So sweet. I hope you get to keep her.

fernvalley01 said...

I think she is looking like a keeper. Maybe she will "tell" you her name soon

Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope you get to keep her, she seems so sweet and like she really wants to be there. Sandy is a cute name.

Shirley said...

Actually, I like Annie, for orphan Annie. I hope you get to keep her, she seems to have chosen your family.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh good, like the way this is heading...She is quite beautiful( and I don't have a dog) and she looks like the sort that may like to go riding with me..someday, I shall really enjoy that..having a canine riding partner!

"Ella dog" to me for some reason.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Shirley- can't do Annie as I already have one. ;)

AHS- Ella means "come" in Greek. So it's a command, "Come, Dog!" lol.

I think we're sticking with Sandy, for now. It seems to suit her.