Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ground Control

I went out to feed the horses today and they were just staring at me...

So I decided to let them graze around the barn.

But there's not much to eat, so I took them out to graze. As long as I keep the girls on leads, Scout stays close by. I can call him if he gets too far and he'll come running back to us. He's so funny! 

My weeds have completely gotten away from me. I have a riding lawn mower but it's not running. I guess I need a new one but I can't afford it right now. With all the rains we've had the weeds just grow and grow. I wish my garden would grow as well. I hack at them with a weed cutter until my allergies drive me crazy and I'm ready to scratch out my eyes but it never seems to make any difference. I really need to put my round pen panels up and let the horses graze it all down. They really do like these weeds!

But, what is Yalla! staring at?

Why it's Sandy, laying under the car. She wants to be near me but she never bothers the horses. So after I put the horses away, I took these pictures.

I took her in the house this morning and she just watched while I fed the little dogs, never bothering to go over to their food. at all. She lay in the kitchen when we ate dinner last night too, never even begged at us! 

I love the way she's got her hind legs crossed.

PS- here's an update on Annie's slowly healing ear. I have decided that barb wire cuts are the absolute pits! After six weeks it is looking better but, as you can see, there is still a raw place that drains and scabs and oozes and... It's so hard to photograph. At least I can touch her ear again, if I don't have medicine around!

Ground Control - song: Space Oddity, artist: David Bowie, album: Space Oddity


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. It looks like Sandy has found a new home.


Gail said...

Great pictures. The round pen is a wonderful idea, let them eat it down, move it...better than a weed hook...cheaper than hay.

Your dog is adorable, I am a sucker for terrier mixes.

Sydney_bitless said...

Don't you mean ground control to major Tom?

Good thing Annies ear is healing.

Tammy said...

Sandy? She has a name... she must have a home with you. Congrats.

Paint Girl said...

That Sandy is the cutest dog!!
Poor Annie. I wish that darn injury would hurry and heal up for you guys!

achieve1dream said...

Oh yay you do still have the dog! She is soooo adorable!

Yeesh I didn't realize horses' ears healed so slow. Must be poor circulation or something (I know my ears took forever to heal when I got them pierced). I wonder if a hot compress would stimulate blood flow. Don't know, just grasping at straws. As long as it's been now it's probably just a waiting game.

Breathe said...

Poor Annie! She has been the sharp finder lately.

I can just visualize her running around at full tilt.

Hugs to Sandy. :)