Thursday, December 2, 2010

Horse Personality Quiz #3

Horse #3

SEAF The People Pleaser
SEAF The People Pleaser
(Submissive Energetic Afraid Friendly)

Soft, sensitive, and very sweet describes this horse that will try and try to please you. They like to be told exactly what you want and then have you help them perform it. This is not your go-it-alone type of horse. They need you for support and can get very rattled if expectations are too high. This horse is in your life for the relationship.

Be a calm and quiet leader
Slow things down until they get it
Love them – honor their Friendly
Reassure constantly
Build a solid foundation

Over face them
Skip steps in training
Be loud or crude
Use negative reinforcement

I was actually surprised when Annie came out as this one. I always consider her as dominant. I mean, she is the alpha in the herd, no doubt about that, but I guess to humans, me, she's submissive?


Tammy said...

I love these kind of quizzes. I am going to have to link over and go play!

I have heard of a submissive alpha before... "submissive" wasn't the word they used.. lost on me. But I always thought that fit Ginger, too.

achieve1dream said...

That confused me too, but I do think they mean in regards to humans. Chrome has been acting more and more dominant toward Zep, but is still submissive to me and still came out submissive in the quiz. :)