Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Looks the Same

My daughter and I took Skyy and Sandy to a shot clinic last Saturday.

We thought Sandy was about seven or even eight but the vet thinks she's only five or six because her teeth look so good. Cool! Since we've had her a full year now she was able to get the three year vaccine. Last year, she only got a one year vaccine.

Since we didn't have any records of Skyy's shots, we decided to start her on the full puppy series and to worm her too. The vet told us she was about ten weeks old now because she hasn't lost any of her puppy teeth or gotten any adult teeth yet. We were thinking she might be eleven or twelve weeks old. So much for knowing our dog's ages. LOL. Sheila is listed as the owner for both dogs and we got a chuckle  when we realized: Sheila is slang for girl in Australia and she owns two Australian dogs: Sandy, an Australian Cattle dog/Airedale Terrier cross, and Skyy, a Blue Heeler/Australian Sheepdog cross.

Both dogs were very well behaved as we waited in line for almost an hour with the other dogs and their owners. There was no crying or barking, pulling or restlessness from our dogs like some of the others present. Skyy laid down at our feet and snoozed while Sandy stood sentinel-like right beside us. I found it interesting watching and talking to the other owners about their dogs. One little, older lady came with a Bernese Mountain dog, almost bigger than she was, with baling twine for a leash. Funny, because we couldn't find Sandy's leash and I actually thought about using twine myself.

We are still debating how big Skyy will grow up to be. However, the other day I saw a dog that looked just like what I think she will look like when she grows up. What do you think?

Matter of fact, the dog was running down the street away from us

and then he stopped and came over to us for a close-up view. Since this dog lives several hundred miles from where the puppy came from, I seriously doubt it's related, although it must be the same breed. Crazy looking, huh? 

Looks the Same: song: Sweet Thing, artist: David Bowie, album: Diamond Dogs


Shirley said...

He does look like Skyy, blue heeler cross most likely.

oregonsunshine said...

I still suspect that Skyy (and the other dog you photographed) are Heeler-Border Collie crosses. It will be fun to continue to watch Skyy grow and see what she turns into!

If you really want to know what she is, there is a DNA swab test kit available online and in some pet stores. I think it was around $50. It might be a good idea to figure out her breeding so you're prepared for the possibility of some drug sensitivities that some breeds have (ie, Ivermectin, which is in a lot of heartworm medications).

Breathe said...

OMG, those two totally remind me of that Star Trek episode where two guys were fighting because one was black on the right side of his face and the other was black on the left side.

That said, put me down for heeler mix. Does she bark much?

Mary said...

I'm laughing at Breathe's comment, that is what I was thinking too.

She sure is a little cutie whatever she is.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Val, I would love to meet up with you when I am down there. My clinic is the 15-16th. We plan on coming down the 13th and then I will head home on the 17th. Definitely should be able to meet up somewhere in between.

Grey Horse Matters said...

They're both cute as anything. I don't know how big Sky will get but she does look a lot like that other dog, so I'm guessing about that big. Glad the shots went well and they were so well behaved for their humans.