Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day In, Day Out

Since I decided to make my blog relevant to Bowie, I will try to head my posts with a Bowie song title or lyric. They always say there are six degrees to Kevin Bacon. I say everything can link back to Bowie. Try me. ;P

A typical morning’s chore list
Wake up/bathroom
Walk the dogs
Make coffee/get a cup
Feed and water the dogs
Feed and water the cats
Clean catboxes - there are 2 in the garage and 1 in the house, so I only have to do it 2x weekly.
Get ready for work (clothes, make up & hair)
Eat breakfast
Pack a lunch & snacks (I love to munch all the time)
Put Gunnar and Daisy in dog run
Fill outside dog water and check their food
Feed and water the horses (turn them out in winter; bring them into the barn during summer)
Fill hummingbird feeders during the summer - at peak times, I have to fill 3 feeders every other day!
Water the flower gardens, or what's left of them. I have a brown thumb, but I love flowers.
Feed fish
Walk Buddha
Go to work (30 miles, I can listen to a full cd on my 35-45 minute commute!)
School, sometimes
Go home

Whew! I don’t always have to do everything, everyday, but I do have to check, such as water for the animals. And then, what didn’t get finished in the morning gets done in the evening.

Walk Buddha
Feed the horses (turn them out in the summer, bring them in during winter or bad weather)
Bring in big dogs
Make dinner & eat (or rather, scrounge for scraps!)
Choose: ride, watch TV, surf internet, do homework, read, or sudoku
Walk dogs
Wash up/brush teeth
Go to bed

Boring life, huh? What's your day like?


the7msn said...

Welcome to the blogosphere...and thanks for listing The 7MSN among your favorite links! Of course I found you via Twinville. Y'all are lucky to have each other as neighbors and friends, and now cyberbuddies, too. I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

p.s. I went to a David Bowie concert in 1972 in Cleveland.

IamRockinHorse said...

Far out! :) Was it memorable? That was peak Ziggy Stardust era. My parents wouldn't let me go in '72 to St Louis and I've never lived anywhere near his tours since. I've seen him in '83 and '04 but I had to go to Phoenix both times.