Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Menagerie

The Horses- Nadia, Annie and Scout
Nadia- Nari Asbah, 25 years old, Egyptian Arabian mare, sweet as pie and worth her weight in gold. I've had her 11 years now. I love to go night riding on her.

Annie- Fantastyk Gal, 15 years old, Polish Arabian mare. I've been working on getting her bred since October 2007, when I saw Kakhem Sahib at the National Arabian Horse Show. He took Reserve Champion working cow horse for the third time. Annie has tremendous issues with trailer loading and tying- traumatic events haunt her past. Recently, however, I did get her loaded, with the help of a horse trainer, and now I am trying to beat the clock and get her bred artificially. Unfortunately, she is a maiden mare and I am facing hurdle after hurdle. I've had her 11 years.

Scout- 12 year old gelding born at the ranch. He was an "extra" when I bought his mother. She was a 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Appaloosa that was bred to a red and white Paint named Sparkler (he was born on the 4th of July). Scout came out very colorful- red roan with a beautiful Appaloosa blanket, pinto spots, blaze face, blue eye, three white stockings and a sock. His coat lightens to a strawberry roan in the summer. He is quite a character, reminds me of Hidalgo.

The Dogs- Gunnar, Daisy and Buddha
Gunnar- German Shorthair Pointer neutered male, 9 years old, liver and white, ticked and patched, indoors at night, outside by day.

Daisy- German Shorthair Pointer spayed female, 9 years old, white and liver, patched, indoors by night and outside by day.

Buddha- Little Buddha of Suburbia, Japanese Chin, 4 years old, long haired black and white, 4-1/2 lbs, ball of loving mischief, lives indoors but loves to run around outside; he likes to sneak to the neighbors house through the fields out back.

The Cats- Simba and Terra (brother and sister, about 13 years old.
Terra- gray shorthaired spayed female inside cat. She loves to sit with me.

Simba- looked like the Lion King when he was a kitten, part siamese, shorthaired, likes to yowl.

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Rising Rainbow said...

Good luck on your adventure breeding what some might call an older maiden mare. But don't be diswaded. If you have a good reproductive vet, you have a good chance of being successful.

I have experience with an older maiden as well. When we did finally get a foal, we named him Scandalous Chase because of the journey we took trying to get him. Once we got things working, we have been rolling right along and now that mare has had a total of five foals for me (all of them colts!)