Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm grey

Can horses have birthmarks? I know they get unique whorl patterns in various places of their body, especially on the forehead and neck. I was wondering about the white spot on Annie just above her elbow. Here's a closeup. Is it just the coat pattern or a birthmark? Isn't it interesting that Annie is labelled "gray" but at closer inspection, she's not gray at all! I think I'd call her a flea bitten rose gray. Anyone care to guess what part of the body this is? I think it looks kind of cool, the way it flares out, like a peacock's tail.

Also, I wanted to follow up on my "skinny" post. Although she looks a bit thin on her topline, she still has fat. Check out between her back legs! At least she hasn't used up all her reserves yet. I do believe a lot of the problem is the weight of the foal pulling down on her back. Still, I hope to fatten her up some more before she foals in June.

I'm grey - song: Tin Machine, artist: Tin Machine, album: Tin Machine


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

She's got a big old butt! lol! She's so pretty. It's just all that baby gravity pulling down on Annie. Poor Mama. She'll probably look like she didn't even have a baby after she gives birth.

Her reverse strawberry birthmark is cute. I wonder if Baby Doll has any like that.

Well, you already know what location I guessed for Annie's pretty 'peacock tail'. Hopefully someone else will try to guess, too.
Shouldn't be too hard for a horse owner :)


ps I've not heard back from that guy who wanted to look at Dolly. Probably just as well with all the mud we'll have from this much needed rain, eh?

The Wades said...

Horse colors are lost on me!!! I simply cannot keep them straight.

I think she's a pretty color and has a lovely rump. :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Michelle- the funny thing about horse colors is that they can change, especially grays that are born dark and lighten with age. For example, Lippizans are born black and whiten at maturity.

Bays always have black manes, tails, and leg points (knee areas) even if they have white stockings. A very tan colored body is called a buckskin when it has the black mane, tail, & legs
but if there is a line running lengthwise down the back it becomes a dun.
Chestnut is any variation of flaxen to red in the body, mane, and tail although they don't have to be the same colors. They can range in color from light (flaxen manes) to liver (dark, almost black bodies with red mane and tail). Sorrel is a western term for a red chestnut.

Just a little info for ya. It goes on and on...

Andrea said...

I would have called her a flea bitten gray. And I don't know if they have birth marks. It seems strange that it's always been there. It's neat.

And I think Annie looks just fine. She is holding her weight well. My TB mare did the same thing with her ribs. Those bellies just hang there.

Ishtar said...

Arwen lost a lot of weight after foaling, a combination of nursing 30 times a day and having a bad case of equine piroplasmosis. Still trying to fatten her up. Annie looks very content though. Looking forward to see the little one pop out! Are you keeping it?