Saturday, April 18, 2009

We're Gonna Have a Party! part II

Nadia: It's my birthday! Let's P A R T Y!!!
Val: Whoa, Nadia, I'm still setting up!Annie: Hey, I'm all dressed up! It was so cold this morning that I got to wear a blanket. (This wasn't planned even though yesterday's post mentioned dressing up Annie! I couldn't stand seeing Annie shivering in the cold so I put a blanket on her, for the first time ever!)
Annie: Nadia, I don't know if Baby Doll is coming. It looks really bad out there. Nadia: She'll come. It's her birthday tomorrow so this party is for her too.

Baby Doll: Whew, we made it! It is cold and wet out there! Look at all the snow on us.

Scout: So glad you made it, Baby Doll!Nadia: Okay, let's get the photo shoot over and start the party! Everyone has to wear silly party hats! Even you, Annie!

Annie: I guess it's not so bad, is it? I do look nice, don't I? Scout: Bobbing for apples! All right! Let me at 'em.

Scout, munching: Yummy, this is great! I can eat them all! But, I better save some for the rest.
Baby Doll: Let me try! Let me try!! Baby Doll: Blehh, Scout slobbered in the water.
Nadia: This is harder than it looked. Oh, yep, I got one!

Yummm, apple water slobbers!

Nadia: Oh oh, look at all that!

My, what a spread! Party hats and popcorn! Sweet oat cakes for us and carrot cupcakes for the humans. Apples, and bubbles and presents too!! Oh, and wine?!? Nadia: My, that cake looks good!
Nadia: How about seconds? (Considering the weather, isn't it fitting that the cakes are on a 'snowman' tray?)

Scout: I want some! I want some!! Baby Doll: See, Scout, good things come to those who wait!
Annie: Go away, Scout! You had yours!Annie: Just kidding! I still like you. Three cheers for the party girls!

Happy 26th Birthday, Nadia!
Happy 16th Birthday, Baby Doll!!

Here's a great big thanks to Jackson and Lisa for all the assistance in horse handling and photo taking! Hope you had fun too!
Visit LaughinOrcaRanch for more fun party photos!

We're gonna have a party! - song: Memory of a Free Festival, artist: David Bowie, album: Space Oddity


Melanie said...

Oh just look at all the fun you guys/gals/horses all had!!! I wanna!!!
Nadia looks great for her age too! :)

(And look at all of that snow!!??)

cowgirljlynn said...

Wow! What a party!

allhorsestuff said...

Love it! Looks like fun...even in the cold~

Pony Girl said...

How special! Between you and Lisa and BD, that was quite the event! Happy b-day Nadia! :) Pretty special it snowed on your b-day- extra decorations!

jane augenstein said...

Wow! You guys know how to throw a party!!! Too bad it snowed and was cold, but still looks like everyone had a great time!!
Jane and Gilly

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

You really went all out! It must have been a riot having all those horses wearing party hats and dunking for apples.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I loved the way you told the story through pictures. Your captions are so much better than mine! lol!

You had me rolling with laughter with BD's comment about Scout's drool! LOL!!! SO funny!!

That was crazy fun. I'm so glad we did it, even though the weather got all wonky. I know the horses had a great time, too.

Baby Doll asked me just this morning when she could have another oat cake and go bobbing for apples again (in her own bucket with fresh water, thank you very much.) lol! :D

Love ya, my dear friend!

The Wades said...

You two ladies are a riot. Maybe next year you should send out invitations. I'm feeling left out once again. Yesterday with Dan and Betty, now reading this.. Have you no feelings for others?? ;)

Way to have a good time.

Jocelyn said...

That looked awesome!

What a great time had by all!

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness! How much fun is that birthday party? What a fun idea! And I love the pictures and the horse cometary! Happy Birthday Nadia and Baby Doll!! I love the bobbing for apples!! I was cracking up!! What fun!

lytha said...

simply adorable - thanks for sharing!