Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stateside: part 2

After leaving Dodge City, Kansas, we drove northeast towards Lincoln. You can't see them very well but this whole county used stone posts for their fences. Very cool!We stopped for lunch at Whiskey Creek in Hays, Kansas and I got some quarter horse riding practice.
Sheila showed good form as she raced to the finish line with her eye on the prize. teehee.
After lunch, we visited a really cool playground. They even had a zipline! I've never done it before and when I hit the end I gave myself whiplash. OUCH! Why didn't they have such cool playgrounds when I was a kid? Look at this loooong slide! Boy, was it ever a hot seat!!
The dogs were bored and hot too
but I took Buddha for a ride down this slide anyway.
Somewhere along the highways of Kansas, in and out of the small towns, Sheila was driving and got pulled over for speeding. Unlike me, she got off with a warning. Good for her!

Along the way we saw this Longhorn bull. Did you notice that he was on the wrong side of the fence? There was a county truck pulled over wondering what to do about him when I snapped this photo. No, I didn't get out of my car and yes, I used zoom. ;)
This was a pretty neat display at one of the ranches.
We arrived in Lincoln on Thursday night but, alas, too late to visit with Tammy. I did call her and tell her that I had finally arrived in town with my Mom and my daughter. She said we could meet up at the trail head in Valpraiso in the morning. They would bring along an extra horse if my daughter wished to ride too. Awesome!

We decided to go see the capitol city of Nebraska. Isn't this pretty?

We drove around down town until dark and settled on gyros sandwiches for supper from a little joint called the Gourmet Grill. We took them back to our hotel room and enjoyed them immensely.

to be continued...

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wowzers...that Longhorn Bull! He's handsome, but scary, especially where he is.
And what was up with those electric poles. Crazy!

Looks like you all enjoyed some happy times together, playing and exploring.
Do you think my first ride back on a horse should be on a "Quarter Horse"?

Probably not, eh? Might run too fast for me.