Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am running a contest on my Arabian mare's actual foaling date. Annie was bred last July 9 & 10. Today she is at 329-330 days gestation. Foals are normally born at 320-360 days gestation and the average gestation is 340 days.

Her teats began filling over a week ago and she is incredibly huge, ROUND!, like she swallowed a 65 cm exercise ball. She is still eating for two but she is not moving around as much. She also holds her tail out and a little to the side. Last night, she seemed very irritated, biting at her side and there was lots of little twitches all over, not just baby movements. For anyone with foaling experience, will she become less "round" as she nears delivery? Are there any other signs I should watch for, like not eating, maybe?

That's actually her belly on both sides of the photo.
Those of you who had your guess date pass by, please try again. For those of you who are still in the running, good luck! I am posting the guesses on the sideboard. Please check your vote for accuracy.


RiverBend Farm said...

Not with all, but sometimes, the mare will turn around and start nipping at her sides, the muscles around her back end will soften like jello, her vulva will soften and extend and her milk bag will fill and start waxing up. Just some of the signs to start looking for. It's pretty exciting.

Ishtar said...

OK, here's my guess:
60710 - 04 AM bay filly

As for signs, our two mares showed very few signs but in retrospect I have learned on thing: when they change personality, that's it!
Arwen was super social during her pregnancy and then three days before giving birth, she walked away and stood by herself.
Sahara did the same, but only for a day.
Both our mares were very energetic and Sahara kept pushing for a full speed gallop the day before she gave birth.

Look for a different behaviour, and that normally means that something is up. Reserved horses go very social, while social horses retreat.

Looking forward to seeing the end result!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Ishtar- I am guessing that you meant June 7, 2009 or do you mean June 10? I hope not 2010, LOL!

Thanks for your suggestions. She is still craving company, scratches on her back and belly rubs although she won't put up with anything from the other horses. Nadia is practically afraid of her right now.

She does kick and bite at her sides in discomfort but I suppose that could go on indefinitely, until delivery. I was in early labor for weeks myself, contractions every five minutes for hours and then nothing.

lytha said...

aw annie why are you doing this to me? i lost already! and it's not fair if i get two chances. hrmph!

be a good girl and have the baby now.


Stephanie said...

The ones I have seen went from round then about 24 hours prior to birthing it seemed like they became egg shaped as their belly dropped.

Also the mares I've seen have all waxed over and actually begun dripping milk about 12 hours prior to birthing.

Hope that helps!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Thanks, everyone, for signs to watch for. Since she is so "round" I figured that might be the best change to look for. Also, I have heard about the "not so pregnant" look.

Lytha- please go ahead and guess again! I would only ask that everyone keeps to one vote at a time, however, if you buy a lottery ticket and that day doesn't win, you can certainly get a new lottery ticket for the next day.
Melanie, if you want to change, just let me know.

Sydney said...

I don't remember what I guessed. I'll guess again. How about June 7th, 8 pm 2009. Bay colt

cd0103 said...

I am guessing 6 7 2009; Good luck!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sydney- you had guessed 53109 so I removed it since it passed.

Everyone, please check the sidebar to the right of my page for a listing of guesses.