Saturday, June 27, 2009

I've made good friends

This weekend has been a good one. And it's still only Saturday!

I spent Friday morning cleaning house. I have a looooong ways to go but it's a little bit improved.

Then, at 1:00, the horseshoer came and gave my horses pedicures, well, trims. He said the little one's feet looked good and wouldn't need anything done until she was 4-6 months old.
In the afternoon, I had tea with two of my neighbors. Yes, tea in the afternoon, with china cups and cloth napkins. My neighbor set a very nice table, mind, with cloth placemats and china ware. There was cheese, crackers, grapes, and muffins to eat along with the nice hot tea. I was rather surprised when she invited me, I mean, usually neighbors share cups of java in the morning with a coffee clutch, don't they? She has lived overseas for several years and I guess she got in the habit of having high teas. My other neighbor was there as well and the three of us made good conversation for several hours. Alas, I didn't take any pictures.

I took my leave and went to feed all my animals. I got my shirt dirty, not a surprise. Whenever I feed the horses, I always seem to get dirty. So I changed tops and put on some clean jeans, might as well, right?

I met my daughter and her boyfriend for dinner in town. Boy, I felt underdressed! The ladies were all wearing dresses or dressy pants. Even my daughter had on a nice sundress. Oh well, at least my daughter's boyfriend was wearing shorts. We enjoyed excellent bacon wrapped filet mignon, potatoes, and salads, although not in that order, lol.

Saturday, I rode Scout and ponied Nadia. We rode around the neighborhood and out to the "back forty." I trotted and cantered a few times down the fields. There was a garage sale next door and several large pieces of machinery down the way, front end loaders?, but my horses were unfazed, nice! I met my "tea party" neighbor and her two little dogs out for a stroll, but the dogs and horses were all okay together as we passed.
Then in the afternoon, my blogging buddies, Dan and Betty, came all the way from Corrales to see my new little Yalla! I turned Annie and Yalla! out into the arena for some running fun. Yalla! even went through the gate first this time! Normally, I've had to coax her through the gates with Annie by going back and forth.Lisa came over to visit too. You can make her hat out, lol. Sorry, Lisa.
Annie didn't run too much although she did give a few nice, strong trots, but Yalla! ran all over the place, when she wasn't investigating everyone and everything with her mouth.
Eventually Yalla! tuckered out and took a nap. She readily let Dan lay her down flat and pet her.Betty also came over to pet the sleeping filly while Annie wanted everyone to remember that she was around too. Annie kept coming over and swinging her rear at my guests. She wanted to be rubbed on her hind end. Jeez, we started a bad habit, Annie.

She also likes her neck rubbed, now that's a little nicer! She curls her upper lip down and her lower lip trembles. Gosh, it must feel good!Although the sky looked rather threatening, we only got a couple of drops as it passed by.
FYI- Yalla! is now at 110 pounds. Tomorrow she will be two weeks old and she has already gained 27 pounds!
Thanks, Dan and Betty, for coming out to the other side of the mountains to see us. Thanks for the banana bread too. It's excellent! And Lisa, thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy seeing you, my good friend. PS- I missed you at the tea! ;) But really, I did enjoy it, just wouldn't want to do it every week.
I've made good friends - song: I Dig Everything, artist: David Bowie, album: Early On


fernvalley01 said...

What a lovely day!

Paint Girl said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Looks like it too! Yalla! is getting cuter every day!
I've never been invited to an afternoon tea before. Heck, I don't think I've been invited for a tea party ever! That's kinda cool!

Tammy said...

That first shot of Annie is really, really good!

High Tea? Laughing... I'm with you -- java in the AM and for me, a margarita in the afternoon.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

How precious little Yalla! So glad everything turned out for you and that you're caught up on your sleep by now! LOL! Luanne

Betty said...

We had a great time, too! What a cutie Yallah is--and so friendly! It was good to meet all the horses--Nadia, Scout and Annie--and say hi to Lisa's Baby Doll over the fence. Keep the pictures coming. They're wonderful.

The Wades said...

Dan, Betty, Lisa, Yalla!, and Annie--sounds like a lovely weekend even without the fun of a high tea and BACON wrapped filets! I love to read happy posts like this.

Gail said...

You have a beautiful baby.

Who won the guess on what it would be, color, when, etc? I missed that post.

cdncowgirl said...

Yalla looks like she's packing on some muscles!

Pony Girl said...

I work with an english gal and she drinks tea all the time! I really like it but get so addicted to my coffee w/vanilla creamer. Bad, I know...
Yalla is so beautiful, love that precious little Arabian head. Glad you had some company and I'm so impressed by how docile she is, letting them pet her while lying down!