Sunday, June 7, 2009

I could fall asleep at night

Last night, we had a barn party, of sorts, to "mare stare." My neighbor, Lisa set up a huge dome tent in my barn and she and her two children slept out, 'in the barn,' in the hopes of being there for the event. (Friday night, I split my time between the barn and the house, sleeping a little in each place alternately.) Last night, some time after 11PM, I left Lisa to do the mare watch and I went back to my house for some family time and 'shuteye.'

My two boys came home from summer camp for one night, last night, and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible since they left at 6:30AM this morning. They had laundry to do last night so I helped them by turning on the dryer first thing this morning to finish drying their clothes. Then, I made breakfast burritos with eggs, ham, fried potatoes, cheese, and green chili. Too soon, we said our goodbyes and I went out to visit the campers between 6:30 and 7:00AM. Lisa was already awake, having woken to the dawn chorus of swallow chatter.
Jackson and Jenna were still asleep.While feeding the horses, I accidently left Scout's door ajar and he came bursting out to investigate.The last few days the wind has been blowing fiercely, bringing to mind spring weather rather than the summer month of June. Here in the high desert, we can expect chilly nights all summer long and lately the temperatures have been hovering in the forties at predawn. Last night was no exception. It was cold!

It is quite an experience sleeping in the barn. There are small mysterious noises all night long: creaking from the big barn door blowing in the wind grating against the other door, chains rattling at the gates, the sound of horses munching, stamping, breathing, snorting, snoring, and sighing, yes, Annie's huge deep, breath cleansing sighs every so often, just to remind us that she is as anxious to shed the extra pounds as we are to see her little darling.

The last two nights the moon has been full and bright, throwing shadows on the ground. It was a perfect night for foaling.

We all thought so, except the foal. He/she just isn't ready to meet the world yet.

I was so sure Annie would have her foal by now. However, she justs seems to be getting bigger and bigger!

So, anyone who hasn't entered the Annie foaling contest, cast your vote. Or, if your guess has passed, as mine has, please reenter!!

I could fall asleep at night - song: Star, artist: David Bowie, album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

What an adventure. I would probably be in the barn every night just so I wouldn't miss it. And I would be a wreck.

Hang in there.


RiverBend Farm said...

I'm sticking to tonight. I said earlier to tell Annie to get it on her mind. The time is right.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Awwww. That would have been nice if Annie and the foal had cooperated and been born that night. How many nights do you think you'll camp out?

cd0103 said...

Tuesday, june 10th,

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

This may sound weird, but I really enjoyed the camp-out in the barn. All the noises, though different and strange were also comforting.

The only complaints were the swallow's loud way-too-early chattering. (could they just have waited until the sun came up? lol!) And the lack of hot coffee with cream. Oh...and maybe donuts. LOL!
Your barn is actually very cozy. The kids can't wait to camp-out in it again.

My second guess has now passed, so it looks like I'll have to guess again. My vote is for June 9th at 10pm.
Come on baby horse, come greet the world!


cdncowgirl said...

I'm guessing the 13th. A filly, and grey.
It's been cold lately here too, cold enough I had to turn the furnace on (again!) :( And to think I was considering turning on the AC the other day.
I just take comfort in reminding myself its not actually summer for a week or so.

Paint Girl said...

Here I go again,
June 9th, 11:30 p.m. bay filly.
That is so cute that Lisa and the kids stayed in a tent in the barn!! Love it!

cdncowgirl said...

Can I just amend my guess to state that the filly MAY not be an obvious grey at first. I just keep thinking this foal will be grey as an adult and some greys don't seem all that "grey" as babies.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Annie will foal within 24 hours of her teats leaking milk.
At least, my mares always foaled by that sign.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

I'm sticking with the chestnut foal turning to grey and Annie's new date is June 8th @ 1:00 A.M. Luanne

RiverBend Farm said...

Well, pooh-Willie-pot-snot! That little baby just wants to stay tucked in there! So, I'll have to change my guess for June 10th at 1:30 am. On about half of the mares, their teats will start waxing up right before she goes into labor. Are y'all pretty much keeping a 24hr vigil? I think I would! She's gotta have it pretty soon.

fernvalley01 said...

Your mare still seeems to be putting a lot of groceries into the foal , I find at the end the mom tends to loose a little condition ,putting everthing into baby and milk production. You may want to increase her ration.
All that said ,the "event" is near , from the looks of her, Judging fro the photo I would say not more than about 3-5 days.( but it is a photo so...)

Anonymous said...

we did the camping thing too when we were foaling... between cold and being the "lady in waiting"... sleep is next to impossible ... 48 hours max i'm guessing

blessings for a healthy one

The Wades said...

You two are crazy and fun--love it. She has to have her foal today. That's my guess and I'm sticking to it.

Jocelyn said...

June 12th 1 am.

I love who you picked for the sire. Most excellent choice!

Gail said...

June 15th...How rare are twins?