Saturday, July 18, 2009


Here's some Yalla! fun for everyone!
Notice Yalla!'s back feet and how they're crossed in the next photo and how close she is standing to Scout!
I have no idea how straight her legs really are because she is always standing at odd angles. She is getting very muscular. And her neck is just starting to crest up. She loves to hold her tail up and out all the time. Also, note how many little scrapes she's getting and her face is shedding around her eyes and muzzle. The skin underneath is very black. I think her upper body coat is getting a gray tinge to it although she still has no white anywhere that she shouldn't. I would love to know what color she will turn, however I suspect that she will go gray. Yalla! is still practicing those reining moves. Today, it's circles. Notice Scout and Nadia standing together in the background. lol.

Funtime - song: Funtime, artist: Iggy Pop and David Bowie, album: The Idiot


Reddunappy said...

She is turning into a little chunk! She looks great! She has those Arab tipped ears! I love seeing everyone elses babies!I to am very curious to see what color she will be when she sheds out the first time.

Paint Girl said...

Yep, Yallah! is practicing her reining circles! I also love her ears, they are so tippy! I can't wait to see what color she will shed out to be!

Shirley said...

I almost expected to see a flying lead change there! She is so cute, love the flagged tail.

Pony Girl said...

She is just beautiful when she runs! Love the little flagged tail! Everytime I see your Paint-a-loosa, I just crack up! A Paint, no, it's an Appy, an Appy, no, it's a Paint! Very cool! :)