Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Stills (9-5-10 shoes or boots)

These shoes and boots were from an old general store in Lincoln, New Mexico.
I would just love to wear those light brown high button boots.

These are from the Arabian Shows.

And here's a pair of my own boots. I think they have character, don't you?

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Anonymous said...

Great selection of pictures. :)

fernvalley01 said...

Love the museum pics. And your own boots ,look like they are broke in just right

Oregon Equestrian said...

Love the old shoes and boots. Glad I don't have to hook and unhook all those buttons every day.

Shirley said...

Love the muddy high heel boots- says a lot about the owner!

Anonymous said...

the antique boots are something else! I'd rather have my slip on western boots!

Anonymous said...

Cool collections of boots, with some character.. Well done! I like the one with mud on it :)