Thursday, September 30, 2010

VW & Muse

What a week! I rarely go out and this week I will be going to two concerts, two nights in a row!

A long time ago, I posted this about the band, Vampire Weekend. Thursday night they will play at the Hard Rock Casino Showroom and my daughter and I will be there along with 1400 other people. I'm so excited.

From their new album, the song Horchata

And then on Friday night, my son and I will go see Muse live!! They have been called the loudest live rock band ever. I have loved them for years and they finally made it big last year, here in America. This concert has been sold out for ages. I bought tickets right away, back in April. I sure wish I'd bought a few extra. just kidding. not.

Here is their recent "breakthrough" song, Uprising.

Can you tell why this is one of my favorite songs? Listen to the very beginning of Knights of Cydonia.


Sydney_bitless said...

I am envious! I love Muse and the other band sounds pretty good too!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Have fun. I have to admit I don't know either band -- still stuck on the Beatles I guess.