Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bowie video day (The Lord's Prayer)

This is for Lytha and her Man in Germany
(ok my man just showed me the live taping of annie lennox and david bowie performing together...
now my man is telling me that bowie did the lord's prayer on that tribute concert...!!!
what a night of learning for me.

thanks for your post!) 

Her comment is in response to my Under Pressure post.
A landmark event in rock and roll history, Bowie was slammed by critics for being too sensational. I, however, don't see it as a publicity stunt, he is, after all, a very spontaneous and, although not religious, spiritual person. He studied for years to become a Buddhist monk before he ever went into music.

The Lord's Prayer recited by David Bowie during the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert


fernvalley01 said...

I don't see how it was over the top.A simple respectful tribute

lytha said...

ah, i'd posted a comment but then it got lost!

thank you for posting this. my man had shown it to me the night you posted about "People on the Street."

i would have been overwhelmed to have been there when he did that!