Friday, January 7, 2011

I Feel Free

Sandy always goes out to the barn with me in the mornings to feed the horses. I open the back door and she runs right out. But she waits until I come outside too before she takes off out to the fields in back of the barn. Sandy loves to play outside. Here she is running around in the snow. 
Sometimes, she comes in to the barn or out to the horses to check things out. She likes to chase at the horses. I yell "no" and she stops bothering them but I think they are used to her and kind of expect it. They kick at her if she gets too bothersome. She licks up the grain they spill when I feed the horses their morning rations.

When I'm heading back to the house, I call her and she comes running back to me, at full speed. Sometimes, I play a game with her and see if I can make it back to the house before she does. I always make sure I have a head start but, boy, is she fast!

Sandy never seems to get cold. She loves to roll when she goes outside, especially in the snow. Notice her "snow" face? I think she must have been eating snow.

Here's Buddha all bundled up. He's so little that his small sized blanket coat is too big on him. When we have deep snow, I have to shovel a path or he gets swallowed up. He doesn't like snow at all and gets cold so I usually carry him and stick him in my jacket after he does his business.

I Feel Free - song: I Feel Free, artist: David Bowie, album: Black Tie, White Noise


cd0103 said...

I am so happy Sandy made you realize you were her forever home. She is Toooo Cute!

Sydney_bitless said...

Too cute. Glad Sandy got such a wonderful forever home. You never heard anything from her past owners? I wonder how she ended up lost.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

You definitely got a great dog in Sandy. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Rising Rainbow said...

Sandy looks to be having an awesome time playing in the snow. So cute.

I wondered about little Buddha. Don't you hate when those dog coats don't fit.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Are they both lap dogs by any chance? I was hoping Scrappy would be a lap dog, but he just stands rigid when I put him in my lap. However, Midge has been spending more time in my lap since I brought Scrappy home.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sydney- yeah, I often wonder where she came from or if she goes back to visit sometimes.

everyone- yeah, We're really happy that she found us. She gets along with all the cats and loves Buddha too. It's great having a fully trained dog without all the puppy-hood problems beforehand.

Rising Rainbow- at 4 1/2 pounds, it's hard to find a good fit for him. He's all hair. He wears an extra small harness and I made a leash out of light cord and a plastic snap so it wouldn't be so heavy.

Nuz Muz- Oh no, Sandy is too big! She's 45+ pounds. Buddha certainly is though. I also have a lap cat, Terra, who thinks she's a dog. Both she and Buddha always share my lap and my bed.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That last photo of Sandy is cute. She knows how lucky she is to have found you. Buddha's coat is very pretty and looks good on him :)


achieve1dream said...

So cute!! When I was a kid I used to try to sneak up on my German Shepherd when they were sleeping in the sun. Or I would try to sneak past them and run to the pasture gate before them. It depended on how far past them I got before they woke up for me to beat them to the gate. :)

Amy said...

i recommend a fido fleece coat for buddah. you can google to find who sells it. they velcro on the spine so the belly is fully covered -- can still pee though. i think they are the best for little dogs bc they protect the undercarriage of little guys trudging through the snow!