Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dennis Reis, part II

This post will mostly be photos. After the morning session, the riders came into the arena. There were five of them.

This horse and rider have been enrolled in Dennis Reis' school of horsemanship for a couple of years now. She is showing how she can lay the horse down, halterless, BTW.

This horse, held by Dennis' assistant was a 2 year old Indian pony. The old guy who brought him said he had bought the mare and she popped out the colt a few months later. This sure is a big, gangly fellow, especially for a range bred horse but isn't he cute? This horse and one other needed extra help in groundwork before they were deemed safe enough to ride so assistants worked with the horses

while the owner learned how to work a "horse" from the ground. 

This lady and her half Arabian were the star pupils on this day. She had been enrolled in the Horsemanship training courses for several years and she gave a bridleless, halterless demonstration of her horse doing all kinds of groundwork, including pushing this ball, jumping barrels, and laying down.

All the riders were set to different tasks, depending on the level of training the horse and rider were at. Mostly, this was the preflight checklist that I had mentioned in the last post, to see what needed to be worked on during this clinic.

This was a cutie. He had bright blue eyes fully ringed with black. Sorry for the poor quality, they were across the arena and I zoomed in.

We were even treated to a lasso demonstration by one of his helpers. Very cool!
Here's Dennis taking a few minutes to watch the riders and their horses work.
 Dennis' wife, Debbie, was also there. She is the one who puts together the DVDs and edits footage for the RFD tv shows. They filmed a lot of this clinic so maybe we'll be on tv one day.

Happy Jenna. She was so good during the clinic. During the breaks, several of the kids played with the huge ball.
Here's mother and daughter.
As we were leaving, we came upon some stalled horses begging for attention. I don't know if they were Dennis'  or someone else's but they sure were friendly.
This chestnut loved to be scratched about as much as my Annie.

Next horse event planned- The Lippizan Stallions are coming in 2 weeks!


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Yep, sorry I missed it.


Paint Girl said...

Looks like an awesome clinic! I love clinics, and I hope one day I can participate in one!!

Shirley said...

There is so much we can do with our horses, it's nice to see different trainer's take on things. Cute photos of Jenna and Lisa.

Rising Rainbow said...

Geez, that ball is huge. I have seen smaller ones they play horse ball with but never one that big. I'll bet that would make for some fun horse games.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww....I love that photo of Jenna. Nice capture. And thanks for cropping the lower portion of my photo. I think I just lost 10 lbs. lol!

That second half of the clinic was very entertaining and great to see the fun things we can do with our horses. I had a great time. Thanks!