Saturday, September 17, 2011

Should have took a picture

The other day I went out to run the horses and ended up taking a photo session.

Here is Scout, my pinto/Arabian/Appaloosa gelding, born and raised at my ranch although not bred by me. I would never mix up the color breeds like that! I bought his mother, Beighley, a 1/2 Arabian/Appaloosa, already pregnant with him. Unfortunately, she tragically died shortly after we got Annie and Nadia. Scout was only two at the time.
This is Fantastyk Gal, Annie, my registered Polish Arabian mare and Yalla!s mother. That is dirt on her back by the way. She always gets her dirtiest when I pull out the camera.

Here is my sweet old Nari Asbah, Nadia, my Egyptian Arabian mare. I've had all three of these horses for the last fifteen years. You can see Sandy/Seven, the stray who came to stay, in the background in the next photo. We've had her a year now. She adores my daughter but she enjoys being with all of us.

Yalla! FantastyKheema, my selectively bred Arabian filly, found my whip quite entertaining in the next photo.

I bred her highly excitable race-bred mother, Annie, to a champion cow horse, Kakhem Sahib, to get some "calm." I think it worked. She has "cow horse" so instilled in her that she chases Sandy all over the place.

I am finally going to acknowledge that she is going to stay dark. yay! By now she should have signs of gray appearing or yellow in her tail, at least. Although, when I brush her, I find minute white hairs in her coat. huh?? She's still on the small side for a two year old but so was Scout. Like him, I won't ride her until she is three years old, next summer.

They did run a little but mostly, just stood and watched me. Oh well, next time they'll get more exercise.

Should have took a picture - song: Everyone Says Hi, artist: David Bowie, album: Heathen


fernvalley01 said...

they all look lovely , a well loved and cared for horse shines!even whn they find mud

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. They are fortunate horses and Sandy is one fortunate dog.


Cara said...

That's a lot! I bet feeding time is busy for you! (remember, I have one pony boarded at a stable, feeding time is a busy time for someone else)

Reddunappy said...

Happy ponies!! Yalla sure is a pretty color!!! I am glad she isnt greying! Is she the same color as her sire?

Paint Girl said...

Yalla! sure has grown up! They grow up way to fast!! Some days I miss the baby stage, then I am so glad they are out of the baby stage!! Chance is still a little on the small side too. I am also waiting until she is 3 before I ride her. She stayed darker this year then last and she has a ton of dapples!!

aurora said...

Happy horses! I am partial to dark horses, Yalla is a pretty one. Looks like she has a lot of personality too.

Mary said...

You have such a lovely herd! All with such different personalities. Wonderful photos. (as usual)

achieve1dream said...

Yalla is so gorgeous! I'm glad she's staying black for you. :) If you'd like another gray she and Chrome can swap colors lol.