Tuesday, April 3, 2012

blizzards and blue skies...and clouds

I took my son to the doctor and he had to get X-rays for his foot because, in spite of the exam in the emergency room on Sunday, where the Ottawa Rules said that there was no X-ray necessary, the doctor was concerned that the top of his foot was extremely swollen. Fortunately, the results came back negative- no breaks this time. He is doing better each day as long as he keeps it elevated and iced. Considering the weather outside, it shouldn't be hard to do! Sunday, it was almost 80 degrees. This morning- lots of snow and freezing temperatures!

I'm glad I had the foresight to blanket both Annie and Nadia. Annie always gets cold easily and Nadia, being older, does too. 

I love how the snow settled on the fence and gate.

Check out the curvy snow at Yalla's neck and forelegs!

Scout is looking for breakfast.
This afternoon, when I got off from work in town, the snow was almost all gone. Here's a view of the Sandia Mountains near my work. It was blizzarding in the morning and by afternoon, blue skies, with just a touch of snow on the west side of the mountains, in the afternoon. That's New Mexico weather for ya!
I live on the east side of the mountains, at a much higher altitude than the city, so there's a bit more snow around, but not much. I think the best part of the weather around here is the cloudy skies. Check these clouds out. This photo was taken just down the road from the previous mountain photo.

Then I noticed that the moon was up. It's almost dead center in the next photo. There's a little bit of reflection from the window being up.
 So I retook the picture with the window down. Notice how very similar this one is to the previous one.

Check out how the clouds have reformed, into a hand perhaps? You can see the moon better too.

The car window is open in this next photo so there is no reflection. It's all real clouds. Crazy, huh?
And I could go on and on with ever changing cloud pictures...


Grey Horse Matters said...

Great skies. That one does look like a hand. You really have some crazy weather going on, first 80's then snow. But we had the same thing here in the east. One day it's 80 the next 18 and the weekend saw a dusting of snow. Can't wait till it settles down so I can get to planting some stuff. Hope your son's foot heals quickly.

Shirley said...

I guess the moisture is welcome in New Mexico? Love the cloud photos, it does look like fingers. I've heard that it's a blessing when the sun and moon are both visible in the sky.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. We didn't have as much snow on our side of the mountain, but we had similar skies.


achieve1dream said...

Yuck on the snow lol, but I love the clouds. How cool!!! :D