Wednesday, April 25, 2012

fun in the sun

It's been a while since I showed some photos of the alpaca herd. The baby is growing very fuzzy. She appears to be a lighter color than her Mama.

Of course, some of that light color could be dirt, right? Alpacas love to roll!

Yalla! watches from the other side of the fence.

She got Scout interested too.

Baby Sophie Rose and her Mama, Louise are enjoying the outdoors.

Thelma is always up for a portrait.


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Cute pictures.


fernvalley01 said...

they look great!

Paint Girl said...

Well aren't they a cute bunch!! I have always really liked alpaca's. They are so cool!!

Jo Castillo said...

Happy for you that you are getting around better. These are great photos. I have been looking once in a while but not commenting. Couldn't believe the horse was OK after being caught in the fencing. Whew! Where does the time go!

Shirley said...

They have the prettiest eyes. Are Thelma and Louise easy to handle now?

Breathe said...

I was wondering if the baby was going to stay dark. I notice the lack of a catch halter. Are they feeling better about being handled?

achieve1dream said...

They are so cute! Are they really soft? I've never petted an Alpaca so I have no clue what they feel like. You know Thelma is probably the perfect Alpaca color because the dust doesn't show up hehehehe!