Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Stills (4-22-12 Ed's Birthday)

In honor of Ed's Birthday this week, he invited us to use any of the previous Sunday Stills challenges we wanted to do.
Yesterday, my daughter and I walked around the Bosque (little woods) down by the Rio Grande River. I brought my camera along and wanted to share some photos for this challenge.

First, I chose Reflections. I guess it could qualify for Water too.

 This one, also taken yesterday, is Framed by Nature.

 Isn't that a cool tree stump?

Here's some Birdstalking from yesterday, an elusive roadrunner.

Here's some unusual Clouds. I love taking photos of clouds!.

And the next two are in special honor of Ed's birthday, my youngest son's 21st birthday on February 22, of this year

and my eldest son's 26th birthday on February 12, of this year.

Happy Birthday to all you special boys!


Shirley said...

I hope Ed got a cake as nice as your boys did.
Those are pretty cool clouds, and stumps.

fernvalley01 said...

Wonderful shots

Rising Rainbow said...

I miss doing these. Thanks for reminding me taking pictures can be fun. I love that tree stump. Did wind make it that way or water, do you know?? It looks like something that might wash up here at the ocean.

Ed said...

I got cheesecake brownies for my b-day, great shots especially the roadrunner..:-)

achieve1dream said...

Those are all great! I love the tree stump. So cool!