Sunday, July 8, 2012

A day well spent

The day started out with my son's car not starting. So, it's off to the store to buy a battery which, fortunately, fixed the problem. Whatever happened to $59 or $89 batteries? This one cost $119.00!

I've been carrying around an eyeglass prescription for several weeks, meaning to order a pair. Since my son was with me yesterday, I put him to the task of helping me select the right ones. I detest choosing glasses on my own. I know what I don't like, but I don't feel secure enough to pick them out without a second opinion. So, several hundred dollars later, I am now waiting on my sunglasses and clear lens glasses order. I decided to go far vision only on my sunglasses and mono-vision on the clear ones. I've never tried bifocals and I don't want to start.

Then, it's off to a gas station. Gas prices vary from 3.19 to 3.59 in a fifty mile radius. Thank goodness, my cars only take 10-12 gallons in a fill-up. The person before me at the gas pump rang up $90!

My mother was telling me she heard on the news about a little pizza place in town that was voted not only one of the city's finest, but also one of the best in the whole United States. I called my son and his girlfriend to meet us there. When my younger son and I arrived at the pizza place, we decided we had better make alternate plans. There were about twenty people lined up outside and the place wasn't even open yet. I guess other people heard about the top ratings too. So, I have a Groupon I purchased several months ago for Pizza 9 that was getting ready to expire. I called my son to meet us there. Then I realized the coupon said to call ahead. So I did and they told me the coupon had been used. WHAT? How, when I've never even been there before? So much for that! I will never buy any Living Social or Groupon coupons again. I've had several expire on me and now, this! Well, we decided to go ahead and eat there anyway since we'd made arrangements to meet up. But, when we got there, it's take-out only. See, I've never been there before! So, we decided to go across the street to Weck's, a breakfast and lunch only restaurant.

Yummy! My younger son and I split a taco salad. My older son and his girlfriend split a meal too. There was so much food and boy, was it good!

Afterwards, my son and I went cat shopping. Since Terra died, mice have moved into my garage. We stopped at a pet store where PACA, a rescue organization, was holding a kitty sale. They had four kittens: one was spoken for, one was a maybe, and two were available. It didn't take long for us to decide to buy them both. They have been spayed and neutered, micro-chipped, had their shots, and are confirmed healthy with blood tests. Without further ado, please meet

Ramona (Mona Lisa)

and Gerry (Geronimo). 

Ramona is so tiny! 

I really wanted a Japanese Bobtail for my next cat but they are very rare and expensive! Int the photo above, little Ramona looks like one, except for her tail curled around her feet. JBTs are the model cats for Hello Kitty and Maneki Neko, or waving cat, which is considered good luck in Asia. Oh well, maybe some day. Meanwhile, our new little kitties celebrate their three month birthday today. Happy birthday kitties, and welcome!


Dreaming said...

The kitties are darling. I've never seen a mixed tiger-striped kitty like Ramona. How beautiful!
I hate buying glasses, too. I also hate the outrageous cost for a little bit of plastic. Ugh!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...
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Cara Drouin said...

I also hate buying glasses. I have bifocals for indoors. You get used to them. I wanted the bottom lense lower, but they told me it was a bad choice. Now the line is too far up and I can't watch TV and rest my head back on the couch. Next ones will be lower, or maybe I'll have the closeup part put at the top.

Ed said...

Awwwww, they are adorable! Cool to think we are putting microchips in our pets now, I guess its for identification and it had all their medical info too. How soon will we be doing this to our kids? Great shots, hope they live up to be good mousers..:-)

achieve1dream said...

Those are two of the cutest cats ever!!! Orange striped ones are my favorite color, but calico (and tortoiseshell) are close favorites too. I love how she's calico and tabby striped at the same time. So cool. Happy three months birthday and welcome home kittens!

Oh and my favorite rare breeds that I would like someday are Abyssinians and Bengals. :D