Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Stills (07-08-12 Winter Pictures)

For this week's Sunday Stills photo challenge, we may use archival photos, unless we can find fresh snow. ;)

Louise seems to like the snow, Thelma, not so much. See little Sophie at bottom right, only a month old.

Although beautiful, snow makes for treacherous driving conditions.

Skyy loves to frolic in the cold wet stuff.

Here's a younger Skyy in action. 

Snow can be so pretty and peaceful, and a reminder of work set aside.

On a winter's morning, I look outside my window and see...snow!

Snow reminds me of the Christmas season.

Here's Sandy surveying the foggy, snowy morning.

This is my backyard, a winter wonderland.

Here's fuzzy Yalla! after a roll in the snow.

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Dreaming said...

The pictures look so beautiful in the summer. When I see them 'live' I just think of having to bundle up and clear the snow away!

Ed said...

Great shots, Yalla and T&L seem to like the snow..:-)