Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Stills (07-15-12 Pick Two)

I am choosing Roads from 07-01-12 because I missed that challenge and Weather, because I took photographs while driving through a thunderstorm. This curvy little road is a steep downhill grade with cliffs on the right hand side. It's scary, especially when you come across a roadside cross or bent guardrails, where you know someone has had an accident or died.

Here are some pretty cool cloud formations
then the storm clouds moved in,

the heavens opened, and it poured.

Next thing I knew, the skies are clearing and I'm wondering if it even rained here.

 I do love this little country church and road.
Oh the crazy things you'll find on roads.

Port-a-potty on the go, anyone?

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achieve1dream said...

I LOVE the rain photos!! Sorry I'm not commenting on all of your posts like I normally do. I'm just really impatient to get caught up hehe. :D