Monday, August 24, 2009

valuable loved one left unnamed

I'm still trying to formally name my Arabian filly, Yalla! I am especially tickled now that she is developing an "F" on her forehead instead of a star.
Her sire is Kakhem Sahib by Khemosabi, out of Allah Rahki (Aladdin) and her dam is Fantastyk Gal by AH Gallant (El Paso) and out of Fantastka.
Her barn name is Yalla! which means hurry up or let's go! She earned that name and besides, I don't want to call her Kheema like a dozen other mares out there, after her grandsire, Khemosabi, who was a VERY famous Arabian stallion. I also want to include some form of Fantastka.

Polish Arabians are usually named with the first letter of their mother's name, however, Yalla! is not pure Polish like her mother since her father, Kakhem Sahib, is a Domestic (American) bred Arabian. Her grandmother, Fantastka, was a Polish import, a winning racehorse, and Polish National Champion Mare.

I would love to get Yalla! into the name but I also want Fantastyk or Fantastka and Khemosabi references for the grandparents. So far I've considered:

Fantastyk Kaheema

Fantastyk Al Kheema

Kaheema Fantastka

But I don't know how to get Yalla! into the mix.

Any suggestions?


Yalla Khema Fantastka

Yalla! Fantastykheema (what a mouthful, but I kinda like it.)

The Arabian Horse Association only allows 21 letters.

What does anyone think?? Suggestions are completely welcome and appreciated.

BTW- I found out that Annie (Fantastyk Gal) has a FULL sister, one year younger, named Fantastyk Girl! Crazy, huh? Was the breeder so impressed with Annie that he bred her mama right back to the same stallion? I believe that Annie was destined for the racetrack and when the breeder, Bob Magness, of Magness Arabians, died, his herd was liquidated. I just lucked out on getting her. But that is another story...
Valuable loved one left unnamed - song: African Night Flight, artist: David Bowie, album: Lodger


Jiller said...

What about Yalla Khemastka Or

Grey Horse Matters said...

I have no idea, I'm terrible at naming things. Just wanted to say how adorable she is.

fernvalley01 said...

Fantasy Yalla( fantasy hurry up)
Fan Yalla khem
Or my personal favorite for all my foals at some point in the first year "No Biting you rotter!"

Gail said...

Yallaheema Fantastyk


Sydney said...

Yal Fantheema

Kaheem Fantyalla

lol I honestly like Fantastyk Kaheema or Kaheema Fantastyka

Fantastyk Voyager said...

very interesting suggestions everyone, thanks!
I only wish it could be
Y'alla! Kaheema Fantastka.
But that's 25 letters.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Dang-naming Arabs is hard.:)

fernvalley01 said...

What about Y'alla Kaheem Fantasta thats 20 unless you have to include spaces

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Gray horse- thanks!

Fern Valley- LOL, I think I've gotten her past the nipping, now I need to get her to stop kicking! "No! you little BRAT!" is my usual conversation with her if she turns away and bucks off at me. I always try to have a plastic or rubber bucket in hand to smack her rear end with, just in case she gets attitude.

Melanie said...

She is sure chunking up, isn't she??? And I mean that in a GOOD way, not a bad one. What a nice looking filly, Val! :)

I'm afraid that I am not much help in the name department, as I like all of your suggestions....

Paint Girl said...

I'm also not so good with names! I love the names you've picked though!
I think Yalla! is getting prettier everytime you post new pictures!! But I do have a soft spot for Arabs!!

lytha said...

Any idea what color she will be? I am dying to know! Does she have any grey hair around he eyes?

I like the names you picked out, which tribute both sides of her family.

Fantastyk Kaheema
Kaheema Fantastyka

I knew an Anglo Arab named Fantastyk Al once, we called him Al.


Andrea said...

Oh wow, I think all of those are a mouthful! I love how Arabs keep such regal names!! I still haven't registered my filly. Ugh...I really need to do that. I like what you have come up with. What about

Fantastyka Kaheema

Fantastyk Kahyalla

Okay, that is horrible, don't listen to me. Arabs are hard!! My two are: Review Deez Hot Legs and Final Moonshine Run!! Nothing as regal as your Yalla!! :)

I think her star looks like a little running or rearing horse!!

Ishtar said...

I liked Yalla Khema Fantastka. I think it flows! But how about changing the K in Khema to an F? Yalla Fhema is beautiful too.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

So cute Yalla! I just stopped in to see how she's grown.

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

looking at the white on her forehead.. it looks like a little running horse.. the white within the white..sure looks like a little horse on your little horses!

Shirley said...

Kheemayella Fantastyk would be my choice. She sure is a beauty, love your new header picture.