Wednesday, August 26, 2009

thing that she enjoys

Here's Yalla! eating her morning grain. What a piggy she is! She smacks her lips, chews with her mouth open, and grunts a lot. She even paws while she's eating as if she can't get enough. You can't even hear Annie eating in the background.

She still nurses too.While I was feeding them the other day I noticed a lump/knot on Annie's back leg. I don't know what happened but I figured it might feel good to get some liniment on it. Notice the strange pattern of veins to the front of it.So I pulled out the ol' jug of horse liniment. I love the smell of liniment, don't you?

I soaked a wash cloth and lightly rubbed the knot. It must have felt good because I've never seen a horse react like she did. She loves to be rubbed and scratched and she has lots of G spots. She is about the most sensual mare I know. She rolled her upper lip down and closed her eyes and swayed back and forth, almost pushing me over with her rocking. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her. Maybe they should include horse liniment in the kama sutra oils.Maybe if I keep massaging it the knot will go away. Liniment tends to bring warmth and thus, blood, to any pained areas so maybe it will help heal it. I don't know, but she sure enjoys it. Hmmm, I wonder if I should throw some liniment in a bucket of water and give her an all over rubdown. I'll bet she'd LOVE it.

Thing that she enjoys - song: Criminal World, artist: David Bowie, album: Let's Dance


lytha said...

oh how i love the smell of liniment! i want some now!

baasha paws while eating too, it is adorable. that's why it was really easy to teach him to shake hands.

he does not like to be brushed or scratched unless he is really sweaty, so i can't do much for him there.

lucky you, it must be fun to feed a baby!


Andrea said...

If you gave her an entire liniment bath she might fall over, LOL!!! What a fun mare!! And Yalla is such a noisy eater!! It's good she likes her food, I was worried when I weaned my two fillies that they wouldn't eat, but they did a pretty good job. My on TB filly lost a little weight but she's getting it all back now.

I hope Annie's knot goes down!

Paint Girl said...

Yalla! is sure loving her grain! Listening to her munch it all down is a wonderful sound!
Hope Annie's leg gets better!

Breathe said...

LOL! Boy, it must be really sore.

I have censored about 5 smarty remarks, so i think I'll just leave it at that! LOL

Cara said...

I am always happy when I find spot that needs rubbing. I am the pony swabe.

Sydney said...

Recent studies I did in university linked pawing horses, especially foals with where the bucket their meal was in was hung at. If it was placed in the proper grazing/foraging position right on the ground when the horse was young enough the behaviour was eliminated or lessened. If the horse is older its harder to break this locomotory stereotypic behaviour.

The Wades said...

You're such a great owner! I bet she really appreciates the extra loving being that her foal is probably getting all the attention now a days. :) Those veins almost look like a brand. Crazy.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sydney, that's interesting. I always hold the bucket in my lap. I will try placing it on the ground. Thanks for the information!

Paige said...

Huh--I feed all mine on the ground, and I still have pawing babies. Makes me crazy when they flip the feeders over and blow feed everywhere.

What does the lump feel like underneath?

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Paige- It's just under her skin, feels like a hard knot, like she banged it.