Friday, August 7, 2009

In full costume dress

For over thirty years, I have been attending the Arabian National Horse Show. However, Albuquerque lost the contract with the International Arabian Horse Association so they don't come here any more. Lucky for me, the youth still have their nationals here every year.

Last weekend I went to the Arabian Youth Nationals. I love the Arabian horse shows because they have so much variety in their classes. The Youth Nationals have many of the same classes as the Nationals with the exception of exhibiting stallions. Youth are not allowed to show stallions in youth classes.

First, I attended a halter clinic with Andrew Sellman. He is a top handler of Arabian show horses. During the clinic, he worked with six youths and their horses. He worked with each handler and their horse individually to show them at their best. Notice the slight change in this horse's stance and head position. The second photo shows off the head and neck more with a straighter topline. He explained that you must "stand up" your horse very quickly for the judges inspection and show them at their best, with presence and animation. He showed how to get them to raise their heads and reach forward with their noses. He explained that the handler must not whip the horse but they must have the horse's undivided attention. As soon as the horse gives the desired response, the handler should reward the horse.
Here's a group shot of Andrew and the six students. All the horses were so lovely!

I took lots of videos because I am interested in showing Yalla! at halter in the future.

I watched the ladies sidesaddle class, one of my favorite events. This was the English class. They also have a ladies western sidesaddle. I love the outfits they wear.

Although she didn't even make Top Ten, I thought this young lady's outfit was stunning.Here is a closer view of the other side of the sidesaddle. Notice how they even braid the horses' manes and tails.
This young woman was awarded the Reserve Championship.This teenager was so happy that she cried when she was named National Youth Champion.
I found it rather interesting that they wear two different style boots under their skirts.

to be continued...

In full costume dress - song: Growin' up, artist: David Bowie covering Bruce Springsteen


The Wades said...

Val, I loved this and I have missed you! I have been really behind w/ blogging from my crazy summer. Figures when I make it back I find a totally fascinating post--something I find really incredible that they ride around like that.

Thanks for sharing.

Paint Girl said...

I love going to Arabian shows. I try to go to a couple every year.
Great pictures! I have always thought sidesaddle was so interesting. I have never done it. I don't think I could now!

Sydney said...

Thats really cool and that girls outfit is wonderful.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I would have loved to have seen a clinic on how to show at halter before I showed Gabbrielle. That's my friend's specialty, yet when she tried to teach me, I suspect she left out a lot of important information, because all she did was confuse me. She made it sound so simple, but showing at halter is quite difficult.

Andrea said...

I wonder why they wear two different boots? That seems silly? Why not just wear a half chap, they can't see under their skirts right?? weird?? I think the girl in the red looked fantastic!! Very beautiful.