Thursday, August 13, 2009


Tomorrow is my mother's 82nd birthday! My boys and I are going north to visit her as soon as Trevor gets out of school (his first day back). We will be staying at my cabin. I haven't been there since the 4th of July when Lisa and I spent the weekend to do some letterboxing. Since the day Rojo died right after we came back, I haven't spoken nary a word to her. I don't know why she's not talking to me, (she told me once that bloggers are strange, strangers?) but, whatever...

We'll go past the old mill,
up and down a couple of hills,over the river,and through the woods,
to Grandmother's house we go.
I have my Mom's cake and flowers ready to go. I'm going to finish this post and wrap her presents now. This time tomorrow, we'll be celebrating with my Mom and then heading up to my cabin for the night.
And if we're lucky, we'll get to see our summer lodger.

Lodger - album: Lodger, artist: David Bowie


jane augenstein said...

Happy Birthday to your mother!!! What a beautiful lady!!!
Oh, thanks for the visual trip, beautiful pictures!!!

Melanie said...

Please tell your mother to have a great birthday, and I hope that you all have a good time up at your cabin. The route ther looks lovely....

And do you mean that you haven't talked to Lisa??? Have you tried to figure out what went wrong?

PS-About Calf-Manna...a lot of the breeders around here feed it, because our grass and grass/local hay has absolutely no nutrients in it whatsoever.

I have also learned throughout the years, that it is not as potetially dangerous to use on the hotter, more slow growing breeds, as opposed to the cooler, and quicker growing breeds, so you should be fine.

We have always used it, or a similar supplement, and have not had any trouble. Just keep an eye on her. :)

fernvalley01 said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!
Sometimes when we are hurting we push those who could help heal our hearts away. Then it is hard to come back. Lisa sounds like a wonderful friend,(isn't she the one that sat up with you waiting for Yalla to arrive?)Maybe just remind her that your door is open...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Please tell your Mom 'Happy Birthday' from me. I hope it's a wonderful birthday and visit. Have a safe drive and good time at the cabin, too.


ps, tell Batty hello, too.

Tammy said...

Wish her a happy birthday for me, too! It was so nice to meet her this spring!

Great pics!

The Wades said...

Happy late Birthday to your mama.

Hope you had a wonderful time.