Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And cutting this hay

It is finally the end of a very Memorial but not altogether pleasant weekend for me.

Since I was down to my last twenty-thirty bales of hay, I had a hay delivery this afternoon. Two guys brought the grass hay up from the valley in their truck and flatbed and then my son and his friend brought it into the barn.

Here is an update on my Foot and Mouth problem. My neck is quite sore on both sides and my mouth is a mess. My mouth is all black inside and there is a little flap of skin about the size and shape of a 1 mm pearl bead hanging down where I bit my lip and it isn't going to heal back, which I find to be both painful and annoying. I find it very hard to move my mouth and lips to talk and eat but thankfully, I am quickly recovering. I also cannot smile, much, yet.
When the hay was delivered, I made sure to brace up my knee and I managed to help carry in a dozen or so bales. Once it was all in the barn, I counted it. There were supposed to be 214 bales but I could only come up with 189. We all recounted and agreed there were 190. I often wonder when I get a delivery how much hay I'm really getting. I can only hope it was an honest mistake on their part and they counted one too many rows of 25.

It's a good looking grass mix but I swear either 65 pounds is lighter than I expect or I'm just stronger than I thought I was because the farmers always swear their hay bales weigh more than that and I can pick them up and carry them without any problems. Why then do I struggle with the 40 pound cat litter buckets??

And cutting this hay - song: Kingdom Come, artist: David Bowie covering Tom Verlaine, album: Scary Monsters


Tammy said...

Just catching up on all your posts. Good God girl, take care of yourself! You are having a run of it!

Doesn't it feel great to have hay in the barn again! They just baled ours last night - the first cutting. Its in big rounds this time. They look great! We had beautiful weather for haying.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It's always nice to get a hay deliver out of the way. I relax just knowing that's one less thing I'll have to worry about for a while.

Shirley said...

I always count the hay as it's coming off the truck;it's easier than trying to count it once it is stacked. As far as the weight goes, hay will lose some of it's weight as it dries; the older it gets the less it weighs. The farmers usually weigh it the day it's baled. Looks like nice hay though!

fernvalley01 said...

Seems to me hay bales can be pretty inconsistent for weight.I bought some last year and was a little shocked at the price till I tried to lift one. Weighed in at 90lbs. Of that load though there were some that ranged from 85-100lbs. quite a variance but I guess the average works out . Hope your face haels quickly ! It still looks sore

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

If they're two wire bales, they're most likely 40 - 50 lbs. The only way they can weigh heavier than that is if they bale them much more tightly than usual and then they can get into the 70 lb range.


achieve1dream said...

I hope you finish healing up quickly with no lasting damage. That must be so painful. I don't handle pain well lol.

The hay thing doesn't surprise me. With the economy the way it is I've noticed a lot of average people doing some shady things when before all this they would never have even considered it. Sad. I wish things would improve.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sorry that your mouth is still sore....at least you have a sense of humor about it, ie. hoof and mouth :) Oh and if only that pearl in there was real, eh?

It must feel great to have your barn stocked with all that fresh hay, too. We've not been able to fill up our barn like that for a couple years now. We have to just buy a few 3-string bales at a time.
Thankfully, hay has been easy to come by all year long, and 1-2 bales will last us a little over a week, especially now with the sheep gone to their new home.


Breathe said...

Have you been to the doctor yet?

We need hay over here - we're down to stuff I'd rather set out for bedding...