Monday, April 18, 2011

The big fall, part 2

It took me a while to get my concrete block, immobile leg into the car because of the bulky Jones cast they gave me in the ER room, but I managed. I was able to drive (thankfully, it's my left leg), so I went to work today until noon. Luckily, I was able to make an appointment with the Orthopedic clinic at the hospital for today. I called my son and had him drive me because I knew it would be hard to get any parking nearby. He dropped me at the entrance and then met me inside. It's good he did drive me because he said he was parked about ten minutes away.

And why is the Ortho clinic at the VERY end of the hallway on the 6th floor??

When we finally got in to see the doctor, he told me that he had reviewed my x-ray and said that he wanted to put a couple of pins/screws? in to keep the bone from spreading apart as it healed. So much for my not so bad break. Plus, I re-reviewed my x-ray and I had told you the wrong bone! It's not the talus as I said in my last post. It's the tibia, the bigger, weight bearing leg bone. I must have been kind of woozy in ER, after all. You can clearly see how a triangular piece is separated from the big long bone at the very bottom as it comes into the ankle joint, just above the paper fold. It's neat, they gave me a paper copy of my x-ray in the ER

My ankle is still swollen on both sides so I asked the doctor if it could be sprained on the outside. That's actually what hurts more, that, and my poor bum. He said most likely it was. The good news is that now I have a smaller cast on my leg. While the bulky Jones came up over my knee, this one is shorter, to just below the knee. The other one was hard on all four sides too and this one is hard only on the bottom and back of my leg although I still have yards and yards of wrap. The other cast was very challenging to squeeze into my cars because I couldn't bend knee or ankle but this one makes it so much easier because I can bend my knee. Of course, because this one allows a bit more movement I'm feeling more pain. I am still not allowed to put any weight on my foot, for at least 6-8 more weeks.

Since Trevor was with me, he asked the doctor about his finger, another reason why I wanted him to come with me today. Last Wednesday, he slammed the car door on his pinky finger. Remember I was telling you about the movie 127 Hours, where Aron Ralston had to cut his arm off to free himself from a fallen rock? Well, my son thought about that at the time of his accident. He actually had to unlock the car door to get his finger out. Then, he said blood gushed out from the end. It has a weird bump on the end now and he has no feeling in it. The doctor verified that the tip was indeed broken and that there probably wasn't much to be done about it. We're all pretty sure he's going to lose the nail. It sure is a pretty blue though, isn't it?

I haven't been out to see Scout yet but my kids tell me he's okay. I sure hope so.

So now, I have surgery scheduled for some time on Wednesday. The nurse is supposed to call me some time tomorrow. It looks like I'll be taking a couple of days off from work, after all. Wish me luck and a speedy recovery.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bummer. I was hoping it would be something that could just heal on it's own. 6-8 weeks seems like a long time, but it'll go by fast...and summer hasn't even started yet, so you'll be back in the saddle when these fierce winds are finally gone. Or you could be like Tammy and ride with a broken ankle...Not!
Seriously, take it easy, ok?

I checked on Scout this afternoon and watched him move around for about 20 minutes. He does still seem a little stiff in the back end, but he doesn't seem to be in pain. I wonder if some chiro adjustment might be helpful for him?
Let me know if you want Dr. LeBlanc's #.

If you need anything just call,

Paint Girl said...

That's too bad you have to have surgery. I am so sorry. I hope you are feeling better soon and good luck in surgery!!

Reddunappy said...

Well girl, welcome to the titanium club!!! NO fun!!

My sis in law came off of her horse last year and had to have 7 pins put in her ankle. She darn near lost her foot! spiral break and damage!!!

This year she is back to riding and training her two year old Frisian now!!

Get better soon!!!

Kate said...

Glad you can get the surgery over with quickly. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think that nail is a goner, pretty colors though.

Glad to hear you got a smaller cast that makes you more mobile. It still sucks that this happened and I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

THanks again Lisa, for all your help. Sure, I might be needing Dr. LeBlanc's phone number. Between Buddha's back, my butt, and now Scout, it sure is a back bonesy kind of year, not to mention Trevor's broken finger AND my sister's broken ankle. She had surgery last month and told me post op pain is even worse. I hope that's because she had a plate and screws.

Shirley said...

Definitely wishing you a speedy recovery! Broken bones are no fun at all.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Well, I'm glad you're going to get it fixed. We use Diana DeBlanc for our horses and she's coming out next week. We get Sugar and Morgunn adjusted every six months. It probably would be wise to get Scout checked out and adjusted to make him feel better.


Cheyenne said...

I`m new to this blog, but that doesnt stop me totally sympathizing with you on this! That was a bad fall, could have been a lot worse, but bad enough. The only goos thing here is that the pins etc, will help the healing and strengthening speed up.

Hows the horse? Good luck and stay well.

Jeni said...

Well... your sons finger is pretty =/ The nail is definitely coming off.

Glad they are able to get you into surgery quickly and I sure hope recovery goes well.

50+Horses said...

Thinking of you and hoping all goes well for you tomorrow.

Breathe said...

Sending you oodles of healing pixels and bone hardening thoughts.

I rode with a broken bone. Not that I'm recommending that. But I didn't get any cool steel or anything. Does this qualify you as bionic?

Feel better and rest up as much as you can. I'm just so glad you had that helmet on.

cdncowgirl said...

So glad you weren't hurt worse, what you've got to deal with is bad enough!!

Francesca Prescott said...

Oh no, poor you! I had pins and rods in my right leg about ten years ago, so I definitely commiserate. But it will heal fast, and I'm guessing you'll have to do physio, too, right? Thank goodness your horse didn't fall on you... And it never rains, does it?! I mean, with you son's finger, too?! That must have been SOOO painful. I wish you and all your injured loved ones a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself. Lots of love!

Ed said...

Pins are pretty common these days, just get healed up properly.. the pinky looks like it hurt like heck, glad he did'nt loose the didget..:-))

achieve1dream said...

Wow this really sucks! Sorry it turned out to be worse than they though. I'll be thinking of you. Try to keep us updated.