Sunday, April 24, 2011

The big fall, part 3

It has been one week since my accident with Scout and the first day that I didn't take morphine. The first day after surgery, my leg was swollen to the max and every where hurt. I haven't noticed any effects of the morphine but without it, I am trembling and have severe headache and pain. Since I have to go back to work tomorrow, I need to be less drugged. I did take a half of an oxycodone, however. I find that if I take half as much, twice as often, I don't get as sick to my stomach.

 I have taken up residence in the recliner chair. It's so hard to get my bottom comfortable.
Terra is my constant companion. Poor Buddha, she gives him the evil eye and won't let him near me.
This is my view nowadays. I've watched lots and lots of movies and worked out lots of Sudoku puzzles. I doze a little but unfortunately, I've never been a good sleeper.

 Lisa stopped by the other day with a DQ chiller, yummy! (( thanks!)).
 My mom came down last weekend and ended up staying through the week to help me out.

Sorry for the blur, Sandy turned to look just as I clicked.
I have yet to visit the horses. It's a loooong walk with no place to stop and sit. I'm afraid I will lose my balance and fall down and not be able to get back up. I fell once when I was letting the dogs out the front door but I was able to use the door frame to pick myself back up. It's hard to get help when it's 4:30 in the morning and the dogs are crying to go outside. Fortunately, I can just let them out by themselves to do their business.

I never realized how handicapped a broken ankle makes you. I can't carry anything, do anything, etc. etc.

I go back to the doctor on Thursday.

I am praying for a miraculous complete recovery by then.


Sydney_bitless said...

Hope your feeling better soon and back in the saddle before you know it!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Let me know when you want to visit the horses. I am happy to carry a chair beside you so you can sit down at intervals or use it as a support. Whatever you need, just let me know.

How about another Chiller? Chocolate perhaps?


Mikey said...

Oh I feel for you!!! That looks tough to deal with. I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

It's amazing how animals know when you aren't well.

We'll keep you in our prayers.


fernvalley01 said...

Ouch! take it easy!

Breathe said...

I'm sure you'll be back out there in no time. Sending you healing thoughts!

achieve1dream said...

Wow that really sucks! My boss just went through this so I know how miserable it is. Sorry you're hurting so much. I hope it gets better really soon.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

How miserable for you. Hope the healing goes well.

Paint Girl said...

I have had a couple surgeries, so I know how your feeling! I wouldn't wish a surgery on anyone! I hope you have a really quick recovery!!

allhorsestuff said...

OH DRAT IT..Val,,I need to catch up to see what happened! My friend had a terrible fall last (Good) Friday..was life flighted to the hospital.

I am so sorry that you broke your ankle! You have such a good friend in Liss and so many others and great family...I am happy for this!

But yea..handicapped is right..makes you think about lots of other things and other peoples experiences on getting about, huh.
I will pray too..MIRACULOUS healing!The indoor animals certainly will help with that!!
Take care!