Sunday, July 31, 2011

Conversation Piece- Natacha Gillis response

I just received a response to a post I made a few months back in which I purchased tickets on ebay only to find out that they were fraudulent. This person even created a blog just to reply.

Here's what she said:

I have just discovered your blog VALERIE KOKENGE and I find it somewhat sad that a person who seems to be intelligent would make such a libelous statement about somebody before getting the facts.

I'm the person who sold you those tickets on Ebay. My sister had 4 tickets, but decided to re-sell 2 of them since the people who were supposed to go could not make it, and those tickets were sold for less than what she had paid initially, with the fees and such. so you VALERIE KOKENGE, saved money. 

It's not her fault if the show was canceled/postponed and you did hurt your leg. I also find it sad that you DID NOT try to contact me/us at anytime, if you had concerns about the tickets, so how could we've known something was wrong?  Also for your information, she DID NOT get a refund on your tickets! I just spoke to her, having discovered your libelous comments in your blog, and she has confirmed to me she only got a refund on 2 out of the original 4 tickets she had. (the show being postponed, she could not make it afterall, and decided to get a refund on HER 2 tickets) Obviously, she was not going to get a refund on something she had sold and did not have in her possession anymore! So, I don't know what this cashier actually told you at the box office, apparently there had to be some sort of mix up,  but obviously the information they told you was not the reality!  Your original tickets were NEVER refunded, she NEVER got money back from those and what you've said here has made her really angry and sad when she discovered it. It was you who made the error buying another set of tickets, while the one you had were perfectly fine!

And it was you VALERIE KOKENGE who has made the error of slandering my sister with incorrect statements. My sister is an honest person, she never tried to con you and you should be ashamed of yourself.

It is too late to correct the error you have transmitted on internet via your blog. However, I would expect you to remove the incorrect statements you have contributed towards my sister and if you where decent even put an apology to her in your blog, as well as writing to the people who wrote on your blog about your error in judgement if you have their email.

And in a statement to all people who make comments on erroneous blogs, before making a comment, think twice, make sure the facts are correct as there are always two sides to every story. You unwittingly make yourself guilty as well as the original blogger in propagating incorrect stories.



I called ticketmaster mid year and they could not tell me anything about the tickets because I did not have the credit card number that was used to purchase them. I did not have a phone number for your sister. The ebay account was closed. All I had was her name which showed on the ticket stub. They told me the original ticket holder could get a refund at any time even without the physical tickets. But I never had any concern about the tickets being good because I trusted that they would still be since I purchased them in good faith and knew that the old tickets would be honored at the rescheduled concert. Plus, I also tried to facebook her but never received any answer.

We drove up to Denver and talked directly to the ticket office the morning of the concert. They took the tickets from us since refunds had been given on them. Obviously she got a refund on my two tickets she sold me because when we tried to use them they were declared fraudulent. It was rather embarassing and maddening to drive 450 miles only to find out my tickets weren't good anymore. How did I save any money when I couldn't use them!!!

Maybe she got a refund on all four tickets and didn't tell you? Ticketmaster sent out emails that only needed a response for the refund. No tickets needed to be presented. If she didn't get a refund, then I don't know what happened to the validity of the tickets.

I do know that I purchased two tickets in good faith on ebay and then wasn't able to use them because they were declared invalid. What else should I think??


She still got her money for the tickets (from me) but I ended up with no tickets although I paid out the money! I was going to say that I'm sorry that she didn't get her refund like she says, but it does come across like she did. And if she did, then she was paid TWICE for the tickets. All I can say is 'my bad, for buying tickets on EBay. Shame on me, I should have known better.

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fernvalley01 said...

wow! No idea , other than it does seem odd, for he ebay account to suddenly be closed, and wth all you did to contact her...

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I don't know when the ebay account closed but it's too long ago to use for contact and feedback purposes. I purchased the two tickets over a year ago, unknowing that just a week or two later the tour would be postponed. When we checked at the ticket office the day of the concert, they said that the refund was given last June which was right after they announced the tour was postponed and that refunds were available AND only a month after I purchased the two tickets which would have been early May? In other words, a refund was given just a month or so after our ebay transaction was completed.

Mary said...

psycho... If it wasn't so odd, I might be angry that she basically accused me of...well I'm not exactly clear on that either. I guess it takes all kinds. Oh well.

Ed said...

And thats why I don't buy on e-rippoff, If Bowie ever comes back to Red Rocks I hope ya get to go..:-))

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Haahaahaa-Now they both look like jerks!

Some people never realize they are much better off if they just keep their mouths shut.

Nice response Val!!!

Cara said...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. Just Wow.


achieve1dream said...

Hmm I guess that woman has never heard two wrong don't make a right? If she thinks you are slandering her sister's name (not agreeing with her) then how is her slandering your name make things any better??? Wow dumb. She responded to your message on her blog about emailing her so I hope you can figure something out. The ticket agency wouldn't have lied about a refund, so she has some explaining to do I guess. Good luck!