Friday, July 1, 2011

I'll give you television

Several years ago our television set broke, shortly after Christmas. Unfortunately, there were no sales, Christmas was over, and Superbowl was several weeks away. But we needed one, so there we were, checking out the big screen tvs in all the stores. We finally settled on a 54 inch projection screen tv. We splurged. It was wonderful for watching movies. The screen was so big that it felt like you were at the movie theater. Actually, the color is better than this. For some reason, the camera kept picking up a streak running through the picture.

Then a few years later, too soon, maybe four? it broke. All it needed was lamp adjustments because the colors were separated slightly on the screen. However, with a tv that large you can't just run it into a repair shop, can you? And, of course, the warranty was expired. However, one day, while driving, I spotted a truck with a sign- TV Home Repair. I thought, great, that's what we need. Only I didn't get the number and we really didn't have the money to spend anyway. I thought, 'When we're ready, I'll just look them up in the phone book.' But then, I couldn't find the company listed in the phone book. I figured maybe they had gone out of business or something. By this time, we had moved the big tv set into the living room and gotten a new (old) tv, a 36 inch Sony for $100 at a garage sale.

I was reluctant to get rid of the big set because I thought it could be fixed. Meanwhile, it looked okay sitting in the living room, even if it didn't work.

We set up the new tv in the den and it has been running for several years now, until last month, when it also went out, this time to a flat line across the screen. I debated about cancelling the satellite tv service and then had an aha moment. A couple of years back I bought a 15 inch flat monitor tv set for the kitchen so that the cook could see what everyone else was watching in the den.

It is hooked up to the satellite service through the same outlet as the den tv so either tv can change channels but they are always on the same channel. Now, all we had to do was place the little tv up on the wall divider and we could watch tv from either the kitchen or the den just by turning the set. We could, if we could see it. lol! It's not that bad, but was impossible to read anything on the screen or menu guide without getting up and walking closer to the screen. I decided that it was about time to get the big screen tv set fixed.

I did some googling and finally came up with the phone number for the traveling repair man. Now he is known as Atlantic TV Home Repair. That must have been why I had so much trouble finding the number previously. I know it was the same guy because every so often I saw the Home Repair Service truck and I knew the phone number listed was a local community phone number. Anyway, to make a long story short, for $75 he came to the house and looked at both tv sets. He fixed the lamps in the big projection tv and said that, except for some dust inside, the set looked nearly new. I know! The other tv was iffy to fix because we didn't even know how old it really was. So, for a total cost of $225, I got my big movie theater tv back in the den, the little flat screen tv back in the kitchen, and a tv that's not working back in the living room. Whew!

Hmmm, anybody want a monster of a medium sized tv that doesn't work?  I guess that when I wrangle up the manpower, I can get it hauled to the dump. As it was, my daughter and younger son did me a huge favor and struggled with the two tv sets to get them moved around the house. The big projection set wasn't so bad because it has wheels but the other set weighs a ton!

I'll give you television - song: China Girl, artist David Bowie, album: Let's Dance


Mary said...

Wow! That's quite a story. Over the years I ended up amassing a few broken tv's, an out dated monitor or 2, old, old CPU, floppy disks etc...I had it all stashed in my unfinished bonus room behind closed doors. (outa sight outa mind) I found a guy on line who came and got the whole mess for $25 bucks. Supposedly it was going to be recycled, who knows, it was great to get rid of that crap! I don't know if that's an option or not for you though, worked great for me. Happy watching! LOL

lytha said...

around here there are trucks that go around blaring this annoying repetitive tune (like ice cream trucks) - they want your old electronics and metal items. they are usually foreigners and they actually make a living off the valuable parts in people's old stuff. the last thing i gave up was a little piece of fence mesh that measured about 2 feet by 7 feet. they will take ANYTHING if it's metal. and they are so thankful. they usually ask, "are you sure you don't have any broken down appliances?"

living in the city was different - since most people don't have cars, there is no option to go to the dump. monthly the city lets you leave whatever junk you like on the sidewalk and it's all picked up for you. that was super cool (but messy on that day). it's tempting not to go through the piles of junk but supposedly that's illegal.

glad you got your big monster tv fixed! enjoy all those american shows i miss!

Lori Skoog said...

Are we hooked or what?

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Yep, we love our TV.

Glad it worked out.


Breathe said...

I have a pile of old laptops. I keep wanting to get rid of them but first I have to take off all the old data, blah, blah, blah.

Did you offer the guy the set for free? We did that with one repair shop. Had them fix one and do what they could with the other...

total12 said...

A tv that large you can't just run it into a repair shop, can you? And, of course, the warranty was expired.