Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scottsdale 2012, part 3

The next morning dawned beautifully in Phoenix, not too hot, but much warmer than what I'm used to, at 7,000 feet here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. 

Did I mention that I had my In-N-Out cheeseburger fix last night on the way to the horse show? Oh yeah! It was just the way I like it, animal style, with ALL the fixings. (In-N-Out Burger is a chain of fast food restaurants located in the Western United States. Founded in 1948 by Harry Snyder and his wife Esther, In-N-Out Burger is headquartered in California. In-N-Out Burger has expanded to the states of Arizona, Nevada, and southern Utah. In-N-Out is privately owned and has never franchised.) They only sell burgers or cheeseburgers, fries, and drinks, but it tastes so good! See the menu here.

The last time we came to the Scottsdale show, we went to the horse races on Saturday. It was raining and, unfortunately, we saw the demise of several racehorses who fell on the sloppy track. I wasn't sure I was ready for the races this year, even though the weather was good. So my mom and I discussed all our options. We could go to the zoo. Or drive through a wild animal park. There was a Renaissance Faire with a jousting tournament but that meant a lot of walking and my mom isn't up to it. Ultimately, we decided to go for a drive. Why not? We'd only just driven almost 500 miles the day before!

We headed out towards Apache Junction. Along the way, I noticed a dirt side road so we pulled off.

Here are the Superstition Mountains. Pretty, aren't they? Suddenly, I was yearning to go on a hike.

We got back to the highway and then drove to another parking area with some trails. It looked like a relatively small hiking area so I decided to check it out. My mom wanted to sit in the car and read so I grabbed my camera and a water bottle and headed out towards the trails in this photo.

 I love the name of the area, don't you? After reading the lengths and types of trails I figured I could it hike it easy- in about an hour. I headed out towards the right.

 I took the Brittlebush Trail and then ended up on the Old Mine Trail. My goal was to reach the top of this mini mountain. The sign down below posted all the interconnecting trails. I found it rather confusing so I just hiked.

This is a back side view from the top. Surprise! There is a housing area behind these hills. 

This is the view towards the highway. You can see a row of vehicles just off the main road. That is where I started my little hike and where my mom was.

The little bits of color of the native flowers were quite lovely.

 Look how tiny this vegetation is. 

I liked their posted signs: 
Mountain is resting and Healing
You are the biggest part of this restoration.
Every step hurts! 
Stay on designated Trails.

Apparently, this area was used for vehicle off road four-wheeling as well as hiking and mining.

Check out the gnarled trunks of this little native tree/bush. Mesquite, maybe?

This was one of the paths I took in the more difficult section of trails. Yes, it was very steep and rocky. I am proud to say that, although I am always aware of my ankle and I get little ouchies all the time, I am able to do much of what I used to do. The best physical therapy for me was walking the snow-packed path to the barn every day this past winter. I don't have full flexion yet (may never), but I was so happy to be able to hike a rocky trail again.

The summit is much rockier than it looks in the photos.

There was a marker at the top of each summit.

This is the view from the backside.

If I had studied the map better I would have looked for the grave that was listed. I never did find the old mine. I asked several other hikers and no one was even aware of it being there. Since I had limited time, I didn't go down the backside at all.

I'll have to save the big mountains in the distance for another hike at another time.

 My hike took just over an hour and I was hungry afterwards! Driving back towards the hotel, we found a little Mexican restaurant, Las Glorias Grill, in a strip mall. A $.99 margarita had my name written all over it. I was surprised that they serve warmed pinto bean dip with the usual chips and salsa.

I ordered a chile relleno (cheese stuffed chile pepper) with beans and rice, all smothered in cheese and green chile sauce, pictured below. My mom ordered cheese enchiladas. 

All the food was so yummy good!! And we got served fast, with HOT home cooked food! I would highly recommend it, if I can find it again. ;) (After reading some of the reviews on the link I provided, it appears that it's rated pretty well and their tilapia fish tacos are the best in town. I think we got lucky, finding it.) 

Aren't these flowers pretty?

I like that the highways are decorated with art. 

Check back for my next post about Saturday night, Finals night, at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse show.


lytha said...

torture, that is what this blog entry is for me. you took photos of your mexican food? including the chips and salsa? i'm about ready to de-friend you or whatever the heck it is they do on facebook.

you're so mean! that is the one food i miss the most. and the fact that chips and salsa, all you can eat, are free, agh, there is nothing free in germany, nothing yummy that is. mexican restaurants can be found here, but they are completely different and don't taste right to me. also, no chips and salsa, and the salsa that you find here is horrible, horrible stuff. i can make it myself, when i can find cilantro, but finding cilantro is almost impossible.

instead, please post lots of photos of italian food, greek food, american food, french food, seafood, fastfood (no tacos please), and home-cooked food.

ask any german ex-pat, most will all agree they miss mexican food the most.

you know how some people place warnings in their blog titles, "dead animal photo" or "tortured horse photo"? you could do the same, "mexican food photo" to warn me. that's it: )

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful scenery. I've always liked that area of Arizona. We used to go out about twice a year and spend a few weeks with my grandparents. Haven't been for a long time but always feel like it's my second home. Glad your ankle was up to hiking.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Betty and I were in the Superstition Mountains years ago, probably in the same areas. It's a neat place to explore.

Nice pictures.


Paint Girl said...

Love the name Silly Mountain! I think my silly dogs would love it there!
Ahh yes, In-N-Out Burgers, we eat there quite a few times when we are in Scottsdale.
I wish we had time to actually be a tourist when we are there, but maybe in the future I will make a Scottsdale visit so I can see all the cool stuff!!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Your pictures make me homesick...and every so excited to be there next week for Mikey's wedding.

achieve1dream said...

Awesome that you were able to go for a hike! I'm glad your ankle is doing so well.

Awesome pictures. I love the second picture. The one of the cactus. Too cool!!