Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh, isn't it wild?

The indie band, Of Montreal, recently brought a horse on stage at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City for one of their songs. What a spectacle that must have been! I hope the horse had earplugs.

Oh, Isn't it wild?- lyrics from Nightclubbing (Iggy Pop/David Bowie) album: The Idiot


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I think the horse is more worried about the guy wearing nothing but underpants on its back than it is about the music. I'd be worried too.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gah! I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what that guy is even wearing. And what is up with that saddle. Where is it? lol!

Got any You Tube video of this?

If I were that horse, I'd be thinking, get this naked weirdo off my back, please.

Nakedness on a horse is only pretty if it's an attractive woman up there with long flowing hair. :P

That must be the best horse ever. Kind of reminds me of Nadia a bit.

Hey! You got your laptop cord! You're back! Yay! :)

IamRockinHorse said...

I believe it's an english saddle without a pad, oftentimes, they use them that way. You just have to clean the leather on the underside more often.

I'm sure there is video. There are lots of pictures of their concert on Aquarium Drunkard and other music blogs. They are far out there- you wouldn't like them. ;)

Yes, I have my computer back. LOL! Lots of catching up to do. Now I only plug my computer into the wall with a surge protector on it. This is my sixth cord this year! Good thing the computer didn't fry.