Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cut him down

I will be having a small Christmas this year due to my financial crisis but that doesn't mean I can't decorate, right?

Last weekend, my son and I took a very quick trip north to visit my Mom. She lives about 3 hours away, near Angel Fire. I have a little cabin at the top of the mountain, whereas she lives at the bottom, by the river. We left in the evening and were amazed at the full moon. The sky was so very bright!! I've heard that the moon is closest to the Earth than ever. Is this true?

We enjoyed our little trip in the silvery night and arrived at my Mom's with no problems. We planned on staying in my cabin overnight. We stayed a little while, visiting with my mom, and then we started up the road in my big truck. It was very icy and I decided to turn around after the truck fishtailed in the road. I'm sure we could have made it but I didn't want to get stuck if it were to snow a lot overnight. There were also deep trenches on the sides of the road for runoff and I certainly didn't want to slide into one of those in the darkness. We went back down the hill and stayed at my Mom's, nice and warm.

I cooked a breakfast of french toast and bacon in the morning. There was a little fresh snow overnight and high winds, but we decided to make a quick trip up the hill to cut the tree on my land. I had no problems this time because of the fresh snow covering the ice patches. There was another big storm coming in later so we had to do this quickly if we were going to get home in fair weather.

Here's Trevor on the porch of my cabin. My cabin sure looks big there!
While we were wandering about in the woods he found a spine and pelvis(?)

I wonder what kind of animal this came from. Any ideas?
We decided to take this tree because it was growing under a large pine. You can't see the top but it really is pretty even though the tree is a bit thin. Hey, New Mexico is not known for premium Christmas trees.
Now for the decorating. We decided not to put lights on it since it's in the middle of the room. The little tree in front lights up and that's what people see from the outside. I shut the blinds for the picture. Usually I leave them open. I like lots of light.

Cut him down - song: Baby Can Dance, artist: Tin Machine, album: Tin Machine


Melanie said...

What a beautiful cabin!! I have no idea what kind of backbone/pelvis that is (do you have mule deer??), but the scarier thing is how it got there. Cougar?

How did your final go? I am headed out in about two hours to take all of mine. It is still snowing and the kids' don't have school again....

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Those vertebrae are fairly large. If the spine is broken and could have been longer, I'd be tempted to say it belongs to a bear.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

We think it's probably a deer or small cow? Possibly a bear...

Final was tough but finished!!

Cara said...

Great tree! I think trees should reflect where you live.

One year I told my husband I wanted a palm tree. They are native to California and I thought it reflected California lifestyle. We should celebrate shirt sleeve weather, not pine for blizzards.

It took me two weeks to convince him to get a palm tree. Right before we bought it, I busted up laughing! "I didn't really want a palm tree, I wanted to see if I could convince you!"

Fantastyk Voyager said...

lol on the Palm Tree. But hey, why not? I actually have a chiflera tree that I hang chili peppers on and a ficus that I usually string with whitle lights.

Thanks for the generous compliment on my tree. It's actually very tall, almost 11 foot, but it's just not very bushy.

allhorsestuff said...

A big honkin animal to be sure!
Very sweet tree..and very cool cabin!

allhorsestuff said...

I thought of you today as I snapped some snow photo's of random horses....ther is a paint mare near my tow that is named,
I could hear David Bowie singing that name in a song!

Rising Rainbow said...

My guess would be some kind of deer on the spine and pelvis.

I love the train under the tree. I guess I just love trains.....and have always wanted one under my tree. Maybe someday.

GreyWolf said...

Now that's what I call a Christmas tree. I like the sparse branched ones.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a cool spine and pelvis. They look as if they still had a little bit of meat and fur leftover. (eww)
Jenna would have been in awe! I still want to take her and Jackson up on the ridge to find those old bones we saw when we last trail rode there.

Your tree is lovely and so elegant. It reminds me of the trees that our Scandinavian exchange students had. I like that open look actually, but I'll have to wait until the kids move out on their own before I have trees like that, because with all of their ornaments, the poor tree's branches would probably bend and break. hehe

Ok, so when I spend the weekend, will you make ME your yummy french toast and bacon, too?
I'll make you my famous breakfast crepes on the second morning, if you do.

I'll even wake up when you do.
lol! :)

(I'm so bad!)