Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Finest Gifts

Well, folks, there really IS a Santa Claus! And this year, in my house, his name is Ross!! He gave the family a desktop computer so I am back on line!!!

My laptop has been having terrible issues this year. This will be the fourth or fifth cord to be replaced since last January. The first year I had it, all was great. But now, in the second year, the cord keeps quitting out. At first we thought it was power surges but then we got a surge protector. Thank goodness, I have an extended warranty! I know computers aren't supposed to last more than a year or two but I went crazy and bought a four year warranty so I will be sending it back forever! However, I don't know what information I will lose. I pulled the hard drive unto a portable hard drive using my son's computer but there are problems with recalling the information now. And my laptop has zero power so I can't get anything from it. I need to send it in for repairs but it will come back with an erased hard drive so I'm reluctant to send it out yet until I can collect all the info.

Anyway, what a happy day Christmas was. My son really surprised me! He is twenty two and, yes, they really do grow up into fine, caring, young people! Of course, he will also benefit from this because he is looking for a job working from the house and needs a good computer. I am elated because when I get my laptop back it will be all MINE! My teenage son will NOT be playing his games on it.

Although we had a "smaller than usual" Christmas we still had a fantastyk one! I got horse books from my Mom:

  • Feeding your Horse for Life (Diane Morgan)- This is a rather interesting book all about feed and nutrients. Did you know that the horse' s small intestine is 72 feet long?? I guess that's why it's so easy for them to twist while rolling when colicking. The esophagus is 5 feet long! That's why they can't burp or throw up. Humans and horses are the only animals with sweat glands on their bodies. And horses are made up of 70% water. And that's only the first two chapters!

  • Know Your Horse Inside Out (Sarah Fisher)- This looks like an interesting guide on conformation and personality and how to work with your horse to improve posture and behavior.

  • Educating the Young Horse (The Thinking Trainer's Guide) (Julian Westall)- This book tells how to analyse horse behavior and modify training methods to get a well-rounded, happy and athletic young horse. I will be needing this for Annie's baby and I can certainly use it for Scout and Annie now.
I also got a Cartouche pendant from my Mom.
What is a Cartouche? A Cartouche (pronounced "kar-toosh") is actually a French word meaning 'gun cartridge'. When Napoleon's soldiers were in Egypt, they called the oval shaped etchings surrounding the king names "cartouche" because it reminded them of the shape of their gun cartridges, or bullets. Cartouches have a a long lasting legend that dates back over 5000 years ago. A Cartouche was originally designed for the Pharaohs to be an amulet of protection. Each Cartouche had the name of the person wearing it written in Egyptian Hieroglyphics King Tut... Ramses... Nefertiti... Cleopatra.
This is my name spelled in heiroglyphics. Very cool!!!

I received a bottle of Obsession perfume from my daughter (!) and a pumice stone for my poor cracked, calloused heels. I have been wearing Obsession for years and get compliments from both men and women about smelling good. :) I also got a box of Godiva chocolate from Ross and a lovely horse calendar from Lisa at LaughingOrcaRanch. What a Christmas! ! Also, Lisa gave me a handmade knit hat and muffler set a few weeks ago. I just love it! It's made with Alpaca, Camel, and Mohair and is so soft!! And, before her accident, she baked a bunch of cookies and shared them with my family in a beautiful little tin (I collect tins!).

On Christmas Eve day, my mother, son, and I went to town for a green chili cheeseburger from the Owl Cafe in ABQ for lunch (yummy) and then I rode with my neighbor Lisa in the snow. We had a wonderful little ride until her accident, poor thing!

Then my two sons, my mother, and I went to a candlelight service at our church. We enjoyed singing the traditional Christmas carols and seeing the Christmas lights on the way home. It's extra special when there is snow on the ground!

We had roast beef and pan roasted potatoes for Christmas Day and for dessert, my favorite! Bush Noel, or Yule Log which is a frozen sponge cake roll with lots of chocolate frosting and mocha creme filling! I threw on some of my holly cookies for decoration. Yummy!!!

Holly Cookies
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) margarine or butter
  • 28 to 32 large marshmallows
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 & 1/2 tsps green food coloring
  • 4 & 1/2 cups corn flakes cereal
  • red hot candies
Melt margarine and marshmallows in large saucepan, stirring constantly to prevent burning. Remove from heat and add vanilla and food coloring. Then mix in corn flakes. Drop by tablespoonful onto greased wax paper. Decorate with red hot candies.

I hope everyone had as nice a holiday as I did and may this year bring all good things!

Our Finest Gifts - song: Little Drummer Boy, artist: David Bowie, Merrie Olde Christmas TV Special with Bing Crosby


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It sounds like you had a great Christmas. I recently ordered "Educating the Young Horse". It looks like it should have a unique perspective. Bombay's esophagus must be shorter than other horses', because he burps all the time. I tease him about it. The good news is that he has never colicked. Maybe all that burping helps.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I actually had a pony that burped but I thought Nelson was just an oddity!

lytha said...

what are those holly cookies? they look interesting!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What great gifts you got this year. Don't forget that the scarf and hat were part of my gift to you, too.
I'm glad you like the calender, though. I love my cute horsie oven mitt, too. I can't believe I don't have anything horse related for my kitchen. Well, I guess I have to start somewhere! hehe
Thank you my friend.

That Yule log looks delish! And look at your festive cookies adding that extra something special to it, too.
Hmmmm...I wonder if there's any leftover yule log....

Thanks for offering to help me take care of my critters, too.
I really appreciate it.


cdncowgirl said...

Glad to hear your Christmas was good :)
And your holly cookies looked gorgeous on the Yule Log cake. I actually thought they were part of the cake decoration (ie icing) and that you had bought the cake from a bakery!

Andrea said...

What a great Christmas!! A new computer is wonderful!! And that yule log looks so good!! I love all that frosting, yum!!

I got a fun facts horse book, it had all sorts of interesting facts in it. It had the intestine one in it. And my father in law called me a few months back for me to come and look at his horse. He has a big draft yearling. He told me the horse was throwing up. I told him that horses can't throw up, they don't have a valve like we do. Our's goes both ways from our esophagus to our stomach, and the horse's only goes one way. And their esophagus is super long!! :) His big draft was choking and it was a big ordeal taking him to the vet. But he got better. Thank goodness. Horses are such neat animals. And I also didn't know about the sweat glands. That was interesting. Sounds like you got some pretty cool books!!

I am glad you had a good Christmas. And I feel so bad for Lisa, poor girl. I do hope her knee gets better!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Lisa, you don't know how much I appreciate the hat and scarf!!! I wear them all the time! The colors (blue and tan) are just what I would have picked out (and in fact did, when I made myself some crocheted rugs many years ago!) I am not a hat person but I do wear that one- in the house and out!
Thank you!!

My head gets so full of words when I blog that I forget half of what I want to say.

Thanks for the sweet comments on my holly cookies. They are so easy to make! I have edited my post with the recipe.

DayPhoto said...

I am so happy for you and your gifts! A computer is ever so wonderful!


Melanie said...

Dang girl!!! You sure cleaned up for Christmas!!! (By "cleaned up" I mean received lot's of!!!)

It sounds like your holiday was special and how cool that your son bought you a laptop??? I hope that my son is like yours when he grows up!!

Thanks for the vampire book reccomendation. I will have to check it out! Oh, and those cookies sound yummy (and easy to make!!), so I may just have to try them.

Take care, and I am glad that you are back online!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Yeah, it really was a nice Christmas for us. I think my kids liked what they got too: Jeans, l/s shirts, and cds for the boys; hair dryer, earrings, and golf glove for my daughter. I bought some earrings and a jigsaw puzzle for my Mom and a "Pedipaws" file for her dog. My Mother-in-Law got a fruit basket and my Sis-in-Law got a "bath stuff" basket from me.