Monday, January 5, 2009

Outside the Pale

Yesterday was snowy and cold so I decided to do some picture taking from inside my house. This is looking out to my barn. The horses are all in their stalls eating their breakfast.

I decided to let the dogs go for a run. Being German Shorthair Pointers, they love to run and hunt, and they needed to get some exercise. I haven't let them outside for the past week because of all the mud except for walks to go to the bathroom. Daisy came back after about 20 minutes but Gunnar took quite a bit longer because it was so cold. I hoped all the neighbors would be inside and not complain about my loose dogs. Finally, Gunnar came running back.

He's almost 11 years old now, so there's nothing better than crashing out after a good hard run.

I love how all my dogs cozy up in front of the fire.

Here's some more horsey photos. Scout and Annie are munching on the old log.

Here's Annie standing at attention. I wonder what she sees?

Here's Nadia, looking at something. Everyone likes to hang out in the den where it's warm. Here's Simba.

Outside the pale - song: Goodbye Mr. Ed, artist: Tin Machine, album: Tin Machine


lytha said...

how nice of them to chew on a log and not your pretty fence!

our property was recently "deforested" so there are big logs and lots of tall stumps. i think it's great cuz my horse can rub and chew on them. in the summer, i'll dump some salt on a stump and see if he likes that.

cute cozy pics, wish i had a cat!

now my man just told me it's gonna be -15 C tonight, and he asked me if my horse will be ok. i don't know, he's never had it that cold, and i've never had this issue before. he's got a thick coat and new winter blanket, and a tent to stand under, but now i'm worried....

i'm snowed in, it's pretty but i wanted to work on our property this week!

~lytha in the coldest weather i've ever experienced

Melanie said...

Hey, is that Miss Lisa's house that I spy over there in that picture??? LOL!!! You are a sweet friend to take care of her like you have been. :)

Annie is sure looking pregnant these days. I'll bet you are so excited!! Your place looks like our place right now, although the snow is starting to rapidly melt now that it has warmed up to 38 degrees and rain.

DayPhoto said...

I wonder if that global warming thing is really true? Boy are we wet and cold here, and it looks like lots of others are also.


Andrea said...

It sure does look chilly there. I don't blame you for staying inside the house. Your dog is so handsome. I can't believe he is 11 years old! He doesn't look it.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Lytha- Baasha should be all right. I'm sure he's got a good winter coat and as long as he gets some water...
How much farenheit is -15C?

Melanie- Welcome back! Yes that is Lisa's house. She has a great view of the horses, doesn't she?

DayPhoto- I don't know. Weather is crazy!!

Andrea- thanks! yes, Gunnar is a sweetie.

Train Wreck said...

Hey that's my cat!! I have a kitty that looks just like him! His name is Judge! Our neighbors have GS. They come down and try and play with our horses sometimes.

The Wades said...

I read on Dan's blog that it was David Bowie's bday today. That immediately made me think of you. :) Happy Bowie Birthday! :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

TrainWreck- cool that you have a cat like mine. We named him Simba because he looked like a little lion cub as a kitten.

Michelle- thanks, yes, I <3 Bowie!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I always love seeing pics of your horses and dogs and cats, too. Simba is so gorgeous!

It's funny how Scout just gravitates to that log, eh? If you had trees in your arena he'd be the one to strip them of all the bark. hehe


Ice Pony Goddess said...

Love the dog pile photo. ~;p]