Monday, January 19, 2009

Should have took a picture

I have been to Santa Fe, the city different, four times in as many months. I went once with my letterboxing, horsebackriding, neighbor, and best friend, Lisa, of LaughingOrcaRanch; twice with my mom; and once, with my sister in law.
Each time, we drove around to see all the outdoor art (there's a lot!) and I have gotten to know more and more of the uniqueness of the city. I've also gotten better with my photographs. ;) I want to share some of my photos today. Since I've taken so many, I will run this in several posts. Some, you may have already seen; sorry for the doubles.

In the middle of nowhere, which way should you go?

This is part of the Plaza, in downtown Santa Fe, decorated for Christmas with luminarias on the roof.This is an adobe roof. See the large support beams? Did you notice the decorative inset tiles by the niche.
Anyone up for a game of Rock, Paper, or Scissors?
This lovely maiden was lifesize and completely made of bronze. Some people passing by told me to look at the back of her or I might not have noticed the stunning blanket. Incredible, isn't it? Look at all the details! How do they make the wrinkles, feathers, and fur in metal?? Unfortunately, I didn't think to look at the price.
This is the public library in downtown Santa Fe.
This statue was inside the public library. There are many other beautiful pieces on display too!
Here are woven rugs hanging on a stone wall. Often, gates, doorways, and windows are trimmed in bright colors. This was a "drive-by" photo.
I love the detail on this carved wooden gate, don't you? Another "drive-by" snapshot.
There are lots of beautiful gates and doors in Santa Fe. I like the tile insets on the columns and the colorful trim at this house as well as the gate.
Look at how this fence is made. Interesting, isn't it? It's a typical, traditional fence in this part of the country. Sometimes, they trim the twigs off evenly. The wrought iron gate is beautiful, isn't it.
There are Ristras hanging everywhere. This one looks a little old.

Should have took a picture - song: Everyone says Hi, artist: David Bowie, album: Heathen


Melanie said...

Your photographs captured the spirit of Santa Fe quite well!!! It is a beautiful place, and I hope that I can one day visit it. :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That area is so rich in art and culture. I hope to visit someday.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hi Buddy!

I swear, that maiden's quilt looks so real, that it's easy to believe that if I touched it, that it would feel soft like cotton.

I've always had a thing for coyote fencing. I'd love to put some up here. John's not so sure.

Yeh. That ristra is quite ancient. lol!

Great pics. I don't mind seeing them again. They somehow look different, brighter, on the computer.

Speaking of which, I've often wondered what the term city different meant exactly. Why not 'different city'?


allhorsestuff said...

Inspiring! Thanks for the views,

Rising Rainbow said...

It's hard to believe that quilt on the maiden is of bronze. Amazing work!

I love looking at the different gates. We don't see fancy gates here often. These all have such character.

I've never been to Santa Fe! Thanks for sharing some of it's charm.

GreyWolf said...

Those are some wonderful photos of an amazing town. Wish I was there.
I just had to stop by and remind you of what a great person you are. I sure wish I had a nieghbor/friend like you.
May you always have enough.

Andrea said...

wow those are great pictures! The one of the bronze woman holding the quilt is amazing!! I love the structures in NM!! They are so different there than they are here! Very neat.