Saturday, September 12, 2009

I went for a little hike the other day along the bosque (woods) bike path. I came to this tunnel. The bike rider rode by too fast before I could ask him how to proceed and I didn't see any horses to stop for. I did slow my walking pace, as the sign requested. I also watched for ice but I think it all melted before I got there. It was 88 degrees out.

I zoomed in on this wagon wheel and archway which was at one of the very expensive estates across the irrigation ditch.
They have some pretty cool lawn art, don't they? I tried one of these prickly pear fruits. Yummy, mmmmm! They would make a really good jam. These strange things are called jetty jacks. They look like jacks, don't they? They were put up all along the river to protect the town from flooding.
H.F. Kellner designed these obstructions, first called Kellner jacks, to hold up riverbanks and keep debris from flooding into town. They were installed in the fifties and sixties along the Rio Grande and Arkansas rivers and they worked pretty well, allowing water to flow through while retaining the debris. However, nowadays, they are considered an eyesore. I think they are pretty neat. Some still have wires running through them. I always imagine them as remnants from a war, although none were fought here, or that they were placed as hostile barriers to protect the natural environment and the river from people.

I also came across my first geocache. It's a tin can hanging from a tree! I thought it was pretty neat. These pretty little purple asters always remind me that summer is almost over.

I was walking down the High Street - song: The Laughing Gnome, artist: David Bowie, album: Early On

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Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. Fall is definitely on the way. Betty and I call this the blue and purple time of year.